Time to say Goodbye

The beauty of my life
In perfect love you split the sea yet again
So I can walk through it.
I will not drown on this ground that I walk
I will not fear the roaring force of the water on both sides
For my faith is above this ground.

My faith worships you on this journey.
My thoughts are locked in your vision for me.
My days are meaningful because you love me.
My feet are strong because I rest on your wings.
My dreams are valid because you promised.
My eyes will not waiver for this is your time.

I will make it to the end of the sea
Before the water breaks into the path
For I waited on you and you patted down my obstacle.
So I will smile as I walk through 
I will praise you with dance offerings
I will shed tears of joy for my tomorrow
For I know my end is victorious
For the end of my tunnel awaits your desire for my life.

I shout to Jesus, for he has done it again.
Goodbye to my former, welcome to the new. 

Say your goodbyes before 2020

I have said my goodbyes

X pj

What you deem as success may be failure to someone else. Understand that others are expected to choose differently from you.

Jecinta Powell

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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