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In Love with The Devil; Episode 1

Nicole POV

Oh my God! I need to get there before 9:00am and its 8:30am. I thought to myself as I walked as fast as I could to reach “Exportees” which I applied as a receptionist; a message was sent to my email that I have been hired. It was sunny and my feet were hurting, but I had no choice but to walk since neither my step parents gave give me any transport fare. All my life I have been suffering living with them with their rules their custom blah blah blah. I became a slave to them, a puppet to their daughter and I have always been restricted from getting a job. I graduated from University of Calabar with a professional degree but what good was it?.

Sometimes, I wish I was never born into this earth if I would only suffer all my life. My mother died when I was seven years old and my father married my step mum. After a year she moved into our house with her daughter, that was about my age, she went on to make my life and my father’s, miserable. She was responsible for his death. He had a heart attack during a heated argument that day and passed. I was in so much pain at the age ten, I never knew he would die so soon.

Two weeks later after his funeral my step mum brought in another man home and said to me “This is your new daddy, brat, and you must respect him

Since then I had to live in misery. I got to take this job because she and I made a deal that I will leave the house as soon as I have been paid my salary.

I walked down from Mardan to Mini town then I took a bus with the little money I had to “Exportees.” When I got there I was glad it was 8:50am. I entered and my jaw dropped at the sight of the magnificent building. Gosh! It was beautiful and I looked like a rag standing in it.

How may I help you miss” I turned to see a beautiful long straight-haired receptionist who was wearing a fitted suit compared to mine.

Yes good morning, my name is Nicole Silvia I applied as a receptionist for…

Good morning, he is expecting you mam, you may take that elevator to the third floor, someone will give the directions to his office as soon as you get there” She pointed at the elevator.

Hmm, she did not let me finish, “Uhm thanks

She look at me suddenly and smile a genuine one “You are welcome

I got to the last floor and saw another long wavy-haired woman wearing eye glasses and a red trousers suit with matching lipstick. She was smiling as I looked down to her lips again.

You are Nicole Silvia ” she asked.

Hmm, it seems everyone has been expecting me I said to myself as i uttered “Yes! Good morning”

Good morning miss. Please walk straight to that corner and make a left, you will find the CEO’s office on the right.

Alright, thank you

You’re welcome

I followed her directions and got to the door where it had CEO at top. I knocked and a husky voice answered. “Come in

I opened the door calmly and nervously, then entered but there was no one seated there. But I could hear water running towards the left part of the office. A door stood there, it seems as though the toilet was there. “Oh he is probably in there” I thought.

I scanned around the office and saw the CEO’s picture. Oh my god! could he be the one, no no no it can’t be.

And how may I help you” his voice oh God! It shouldn’t be him.
I turned around only to see a handsome man in front of me. His lips were pink and his hair blonde.

Oh God! It’s him, it’s him.


Bryan’s POV

I have always tried my best to avoid her but she still throws it on my face that she is more intelligent than I am.

Oh Nikky you did so well in your economics you got an “A” her best friend Bella shouted so I could hear. Arrgh she beat me again I got a B, she probably knew this and her friend is helping her boast. She is always pushing her friend shout, so she would look like the innocent one. Danm! I hate her.

I found my self staring at my computer lost in my thoughts when the intercom rang.

Yes miss chokes”

She is heading to your office now sir

Hmm” I placed the intercom back. But then I didn’t want her to see me immediately she comes into my office. I went to the restroom and I heard the knock on the door.

Come in” I said. I washed my face and God I was nervous. I went out and I saw her there wearing a loose suit. She was still the same always wearing tattered loose cloths, tying her black hair into a tight bun. Sometimes she looks worse than a maid and I was told her father was a rich man before he died, that probably affected her.

She stood there staring at my picture. She had probably realized who I was.

And how may I help you” I said as she turned and stared at me with her little brown eyes.

Well I was er…er…uhm

Who are you?” I asked with my authoritative voice. I did not want her to think I remembered who she was.

I … I am Nicole

Hmm you will start working as my executive assistant.” I walked back to my seat and started typing on my computer.

But sir…I appilied…” I knew she applied as a receptionist, we needed another receptionist but she is holding a professional degree and I could not give her a job as a receptionist. We did not want to tell her that until now.

Cropped shot of a handsome young businessman sitting alone and wearing a headset while using a computer in the office

I told you already, you will be my assistant and that’s it. I am your boss and can do and undo anything as long as you are in this building

Yes…yes sir

Good, your office is right after this one and the files and my meeting time schedule is on your table you have to read all of them

Ye…yes sir” I like the way she’s stammering it a good sigh.

Sign here” I pushed the file to her and she came over and sighed.

Closeup woman hand holding the door bar to open the door with glass reflection background.

You may leave” I said without looking at her. I heard her walk with haste and then closed the door after her. Well the first step of my revenge has been taken.

With a very big smile, we are pleased to announce another contributor to the blog, Foladara Dawodu @flody_t Foladara is a student of olabisi onabanjo University, Ogun State. She is a writer, the author behind “In Love with The Devil” which centers on how love conquers deceit and how jealously could be one’s ruin if not controlled.
Join us as we explore a world of lust and jealousy. Available to read on Wednesdays at 1pm WAT.

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  1. This is a very interesting story, with what I read, I feel everything that happens in someone’s life happens for a reason, and also, anywhere we are, we should try portray a good character, we don’t know where we can meet each other in the nearest future, looking forward to the next episode.

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  2. Hmmmm!
    It is a small world!
    No one knows what he/she might find his/her. We need to portray a good character.. And to parent that re-marry after the death of there spouse, May God help o…Assuming silva father didn’t remarry,He might not have died untimely and also will provide for his only child!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a very nice story,
    Can’t wait to read the next…
    Never you under estimate the power of the future.
    She never expected that she will ever worked as a subordinate to this guy in her life time. Though vise visa.

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  4. There’s a saying that one good turn deserves another. I picture that Nicole here might have offended the boss in the past and he now sees this job he’s giving to her as an opportunity to return the favor.
    Waiting to see more as the rest of the story unfolds.

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