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It May Seem DarkDarker than NightAll Night No LightLight too faint to ShineShine that lost It sparkSpark that can’t igniteIgnite no FireNo Fire For FutureFuture is Now without PurposePurpose Without plansPlans without […]


How deep?How much more?How much more fall?The rivers of life came with depths uncertainI must learn not just to bend the currentsBut butterfly across it’s seafloorLearn to walk on watersNot cave in […]


I unleash these words from my imagination and ask where is your confidence.Many thoughts bring up a wall, naw a big older fenceYour disbelief makes things quite foggy and heavily denseYou loose […]


Distraction looks like youA distorted image of what seems perfectappearing to be what you think you are or what you think you’re becomingbut not what you’re meant to beDistraction thinks like youA […]