Today I am sad
I looked at my bank account 
And anxiety appeared naked.
The zero’s fell out of the lines
While I was living my best life.
A nightmare I would wish my enemy!


Yesterday I was sad
I tried on a beautiful dress
But the zipper wouldn’t zip up.
My body is not what it used to be
The stretch marks does remind me
Of the distance it has gone.
Oh I wish I could make gym videos!


The day before I was sad.
My friend was honored on stage
While I sat in the shadows.
No one praised me for my hardwork,
It was as if I wasn’t even there.
The buffet compensated for my sacrifices!

I was sad last week too.
I watched my man sneak out the back.
The look on his face was like Romeo’s 
As he blushed on the phone to Juliet’s voice.
No wonder he forgets to admire my hair
A thief definitely stole his long lost spark.
Papa says do not bring disgrace! 

Will I be sad tomorrow,
Yes of-course!!!
My mother in-law is visiting
My man will not be home
My waist-clincher will hurt
My hairdresser will be late
My make-up artist will imitate a parrot
My eyelashes will not seat well
My journey to work will be irritating 
My boss will be super bossy
My workers will be foolish 
My doctor’s appointment will suck
My best friend will bore with gossip
And another sleepless night awaits.

What an option!
What a choice served cold!!
Yet, she took a bite every single day!!!
X pj

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