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I choose to be unawareUnaware of this worldA settlement of many living deadAs I foreign passLet only you be my enlightenmentwhile I am blind to the ways mere men seeLet my sight be perfect through your lightLet me see through the wisdom of your eyes as you examine the foolishness of the natives of this…
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Tears of Redemption; A Poem for Easter

I cried in the darknessAnd he heard my soulI searched like a troubled lionAnd he never stopped talkingYet, I shouted in confusionAnd he whispered againHe spoke like a worried fatherHe did not stop reassuring me. I had set myself up for warBut he fought my battle before I woke.I laid claim my want at his…
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Time to say Goodbye

The beauty of my lifeIn perfect love you split the sea yet againSo I can walk through it.I will not drown on this ground that I walkI will not fear the roaring force of the water on both sidesFor my faith is above this ground.My faith worships you on this journey.My thoughts are locked in…
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What defines GREATNESS

Measuring greatness should be determined by our values and the methods in which we measure our worth. However, superficial things—not having any serious purpose or value— affects or depends on the level which greatness is reasonably assumed or conceived. Therefore, most of or should I say all the human measurements used for valuing greatness are…
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