What defines GREATNESS

Measuring greatness should be determined by our values and the methods in which we measure our worth. However, superficial things—not having any serious purpose or value— affects or depends on the level which greatness is reasonably assumed or conceived. Therefore, most of or should I say all the human measurements used for valuing greatness are wrong. You do not become great when you attain a master’s degree. You do not become great when you buy a new house. You do not become great when you become popular. You are great already. Even with your boring life, you are still great. Why attribute what is inherently profound to trivial things. It is just like saying an iPhone functions better or should be considered more valuable because of its owner. The fact still remains that regardless of who owns it, the gold case it wears or the preferred language, it still has the same purpose, usage and uniqueness.

Greatness is inevitable

With all the self-motivating speeches readily available on the internet, one thing is contradictory in many theories, but certain beneath the surface— levels of greatness can never be measured and nothing without deep-seated purpose or value defines greatness. Being great can be explained as, in the face of endless uncertainties, aside from death, a person still decides how to live, decides to take steps towards purpose, pushing on against all odds. This is what being great symbolises. So everyone of us is great. Taking human form and living against your will, sure means that greatness flourishes in your bones.

If a person is acknowledged through any form or event, that means the physical being must embody greatness. And the day a person would be prized for taking flight, then all humans undoubtedly have the ability to fly. You cannot give or pronounce what is not there. You are already great!

Also, not doing something that contradicts your ever changing values is also greatness. Even when you decide to be/do noting— when you/it seem as a waste of time— the ability to decide to take a break still comes from the greatness in you, because all things, even nothing, leads to something. Whether perceived as good or bad, people find themselves in every situation— motivation, change, acceptance, refusal, reconciliation. And because we do not know exactly how things would unfold, doing nothing or something is path of the importance process— the ability to withstand the uncertainness of our existence. It is only when a man dies that he relinquishes his earthly greatness.

Greatness is every shape and size

“You do not know what your tomorrow holds. All you know is that you will surely die someday. Yet, you are still striving today. This mental potentiality is what greatness means, and not the human superficial measurements for greatness. We are all indeed GREAT.”

Jecinta Powell

So when next you read or hear the reasons why greatness is attributed to only a particular kind of human race, human ability or human consciousness— when people are awarded for milestones and achievements— it does not inevitably mean you are lesser and awardees are higher in eminence. After all, awarders are humans too, operating with unknown measures and living with the only certain knowledge which is death.

I do not want to go spiritual but digest this for a minute. If “The Greatest” lives inside you, what does that say about you?. So who is supposed to confer on anybody?. It is you who is supposed to award and reward yourself.

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