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Once upon a timeon the timeline of mankindwhen innocence was at it’s purestwhen love knows no hateand joy was yet to come across painwhen happiness knew not sadnessand healthiness couldn’t conceive what […]


Everyone buys not knowing what’s being soldthese sellers sell knowing what’s being boughtA trade fair,where the only currency for exchange is your souland power is their only interestWith lies catalysing the supply […]

Who is “A Child of God”

Hence, having the audacity to fervently believe that you can change a situation or oppose a change. Also, the ability to know that I cannot do most things; leaving it to my father and therefore believing that he will do it in his own time is a consciousness that makes cognisant of my heavenly father.


Distraction looks like youA distorted image of what seems perfectappearing to be what you think you are or what you think you’re becomingbut not what you’re meant to beDistraction thinks like youA […]