Heed the voice of I who speakFor to love is to dieTo love is to birthNo option more, No choice lessChoose your type and move into the arenaFor you can forge without […]


I don’t know anythingIf you’re not whom I knowI don’t have a perceptionIf you’re not my point of viewI don’t want to learn nothingIf I’m not learning from youIf I’m not learning […]

Dining in Hades; Episode 10

“Stop these games Yvette, what more damage can you people do? You have my mum, You have the money and you’re still asking me to refund you guys? It makes absolutely no sense…”
“Exactly Faruk, no sense what so ever, who has your mum, I’ve told you this earlier, did you read my sms? Chief Jacob doesn’t have her…”
“Oh so you’re saying you’re not all in this together”
“What? Faruk; all? What do you mean all, you’re not making sense babe, who else do you think is involved?”

The Cultural Blind Spot; Part 3

The female doctor admitted her into the NGO that she had founded that catered for justice for the raped, abused and ill-treated women. She started to undergo counselling two times every week. As time progressed, Nneoma started to develop small talks with younger girls that had come in for justice; she become a counsellor, helping them heal and forge a new course.