Short stories

In Love with The Devil; Episode 5

Bryan’s POV

“Mais nous Avons fait la reunion”
“But we’re done with the meeting”

“Attends une minute s’il te plait”
“Wait a minute please”

“Ç’est d’accord”
“It’s okay”

“Pouvons nous aller”
“Can we go now?”

I heed the file in my office thinking she wouldn’t search for it. I wanted to humiliate her once more to get her to fall at my feet but no, she had to find it. Damn her!


I sat at my seat for the first morning lecture after our last exam and then I looked down and saw a test paper and it was Nicole’s with an “A”. God! This is the only paper she beat me in and now she’s showing it off.

Er…Sorry….I…uhm…sorry my friend put that there…b…by mistake

Oh did she huh” I threw the paper at her face and then the class interfered.

Hooo the nerds are arguing” a girl said.

We should probably put them in a ring, boxing with glasses will be nice” another boy said and then the others started laughing.

I grabbed his collar really tight “listen to me I’m no nerd and I don’t wear glasses, you should rather call her that and for the record your breath stinks

Hey what’s going on here” the lecturer came in.


I went down to the kitchen wearing a sport wear; I was planning on going for a morning jog that Saturday. God I don’t have any plan on my head I have to think of something. Those flashback make me want to make her suffer.

Hey bro, come try this pastries” Nina said from the kitchen with Nicole by her side.

I already explained to Nina and Bianca about Nicole’s issue. So now they understand why she’s staying.

I went ahead and tried the pastries. Yummy! I can eat lots of portions of this. It tastes so good. I have never tasted such nice pastries before, Wow! This just made my day.

Nicole made it” Nina said and immediately my eyes lit up. I looked at my side and saw Nicole blushing. Oh no you didn’t!

That explains why it tastes so bad.” I liked the way Nicole raised her head and her eyes filled with sadness.

No it actually really good, maybe something is wrong with your taste bud” Nina eyes widened trying to defend Nicole.

Hey there’s noting wrong with my taste bud, I don’t like it, it taste like aspirin and salt with butter errrk” then Nina raised her eyebrow

I have never tasted such nice pastries before and you say it taste bad, I think Nina is right” Bianca said while washing the dishes. Oh God they too. Why does she have to boast to my face all the time. I’m starting to think this leaving together thing isn’t going to work for me. But I should make use of the time while she’s here.

Hey Nicole you wanna come jog with me and forget about the pastries” I said
Wondering why I was smiling.



Yes she wanted to go jogging but she doesn’t know her way around this place” Nina interfered.

Okay then

Nicole’s POV

Okay he placed bad comments on my pastries I can ignore, but not his dazzling smile. It made me want to poof into the sky.

Nina pulled me to my room and started looking for the best outfit for jogging. I could have done it myself, it’s not like I don’t have any cloth that doesn’t make me look like a maid. Well maybe just one.

God Nina! Let me do this my self okay” I said when Nina started disarranging my cloths.

Alright then

Then I took out my black singlet and the soldier bum short which Chloe didn’t like and gave to me, a black sweater with a hood and cool black sneakers. Well the sneakers were from my savings.

Now that’s what I’m talking about” Nina said with a huge grin on her face.

I went outside the house and saw Bryan leaning on the car. He took a glimpse at me and then back at me. I knew you will be surprised. I walked up to him, he stood up right and said with an ached eyebrow as he checked me out

Are we going for war or what”

Er…” he checked his watch then he turned around and started jogging and so I followed his lead.


Oh my God his damn biceps are affecting me so much that I kept ogling him. Admiring every of his movement that I was not concentrating when suddenly a bicycle hit me and I fell. Bryan turned to look but to my surprise he just stood there smiling without helping me up.

You’re tired already, we’ve just started” Bryan said, he definitely did not know I had a bicycle accident.

No I…” I wanted to explain what happened then I suddenly realised where I was. “Sir… we are in Mardan

So? Oh I see now you’re complaining, I didn’t force you to come along with me, you joined me willingly but if you’re tired no one is stopping you from going back home

What? No, I’m not tired, I’ve walked all my life, there’s no difference in walking or jogging, I can’t be here and that’s why I’m going back now I’m sorry

His eyebrow ached “what a stupid excuse we’re jogging to Wame, that is how I jog everyday” what the hell, oh he’s gone too far now I’m not jogging to Wame with him. He is crazy, that place is far. And if he does jog to Wame how come I don’t see him pass Mardan. He thinks I am stupid to believe that. I won’t act a fool in front of him now or ever.

Okay, my boss you know what? I’m done with you acting like God all the time. You are not the boss of me when I’m not working, as much as I remember on my first day, you told me you are my boss as long as I am in your company and if it is because I am living in your house don’t you worry I will be leaving soon and I do not care about the pact I signed without reading or knowing it was a pact. I’m going back and no one is stopping me” I said as I turned and jogged away. Oh shit! I said too much I hope I don’t lose my job now.


He deserved it, I have to stop acting like a stupid teenager in front of him and get over the crush I have on him. I only aim at helping him out and that’s it and then I will build my own dream.

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