We Are Christians
We are not Normal
We are Christians supernormal
We are the carriers of Divine varieties
Born not of Blood but of the word of God
Colonies of the God Head
The Fourth Men of the Trinity
The New Creation Matrix
God the Father The Son The Holy Spirit,God The We
Breeds of eternal life
We are life giving Spirits
Bearers of the yolk of breath
Partakers of the death Resurrection of The son of God
Style n fashioned in the Newness of the new man
Crossed from sinful marked righteous
Dead to death, alive unto God,risen in the resurrection
Phoenix unto a new Life
our God Size entity in christ
No identity crisis
Born Of His Spirit
Washed in His Blood


Our handiworks are now the publication of Grace
We Are the showmanship of His Love
The workmanship of our Hands are the reflection of his fingerprints
Our footsteps an expression of his footprints
We are the representation of the God kind
Framed in the stature of diety
Function in the likeness of Divinity
These are the days of heaven upon the earth
And We are the Manifestations
The Lines are fallen unto us in Perfect places
We have come to maturity
We know to whom we belong
Of whom we are born of
He paid off the billy genes of sin
We are not just free from sin,we are sin free
Spirit of his spirit
Word of his word
gods in a God
We Are Christians
We Are Not Normal

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