In Love with The Devil- Episode 12

Third persons pov

Oh my son, I have been looking every where for you.” 

Mom!” Bryan couldn’t believe his eyes is it really her or is he just imagining things?. 

Bryan?!” Another man whom Bryan didn’t know, walked towards them and said. “Bryan we’ve been looking everywhere for you, nice to meet you, I’m Fahd” 


Nice to meet you too” still surprised Bryan accepted his hand shake. 

Bryan, I know you’re very confused, so I will like us to talk in private please” his mom said. 

O…okay” they both went outside and drove to a coffee shop close to the restaurant they left. 

What are the questions on your mind Bryan?” His mom asked, not knowing how to start explaining to him. 

Where have you been all this years? Why didn’t you try to look for me and Nina all this years, until now? Why did you get married to that man” Bryan asked, he already noticed the ring in her finger and it was different from the one she use to wear. “How the hell did you survive that accident? I have mixed feelings right now, should hug you? Should I scream like a mad lady? Or should I be happy?” Bryan asked again trying to control his emotions. 

I’m so sorry Bryan, the first thing I would have done was to look for you after that accident if I remembered anything” she said tears rolling down her cheeks and Bryan couldn’t help but reach out for her hand giving her comfort, he wanted to know what happened, to understand what was going on. 

I woke up from a five years coma in a hospital in Pakistan and could not remember how I got there or anything about me, not even my name, the doctor treating me told me I was transferred to the hospital from London, I realized I couldn’t move my legs or any part of my body I could only speak, the doctor knowing my condition took me into his home, he took care of me and helped me through my difficult time…” 

Is it Fahd? The man you got married too” he asked already guessing it could be him.



Yes! He helped me walk again, after spending two years with him and falling in love with him, he proposed to me and I accepted, we got married but I really wanted to know where I came from, who I really was, how I got to the hospital. So he recommended me to a friend of his who is a psychologist, and then slowly I started remembering things, I remembered you I remembered your father, I remembered the accident, I remembered everything, I investigated that accident and I was told I was the only one who survived it, I was sad but then I started looking for you, I started looking around New York ’cause I thought you will be with your grandfather, but then I found out that he died and you moved to Cham where you schooled and I have even bought a house close to yours so that once I get to talk to you I will stay close to you and we just thought we should get something to eat at that restaurant when I found you” 

Why can’t you stay with us, I mean Nina and I “. 

“I would if I wasn’t married and have your twin brothers around” 

I have brothers and they are twins” 

She smiled “yes! they are just three and you will love them” 

Oh I can’t wait to see Nina’s expression when she hears this” Bryan smiled. 

Nina! how is she doing?, she must have grown so tall now, she should be thirteen now, am I right?” 

Oh mom you did have amnesia” 


They all went back to Dowan together and his mom was right, Akim and Jamal are so cute and so adorable, Bryan couldn’t stop playing with them on the plane. When his mom told them he was their elder brother, they looked confused but been kids they just kept on playing with him and Tony. 

Bryan’s mom told him she had been married to Fahd four years ago and Fahd is thinking of establishing in Cham. “From the way he looks at mom I know he loves her a lot.” he thought

Love is beautiful, it finds its way through every living souls life no matter what and how difficult it might come but me I wish love never finds its way, it will only ruin me.” Bryan thought


Nicole was in her room, she was working on some soap deliveries on the laptop Bryan gave her, she wondered why Bryan named his company Exportees since he produces cream, soap and other deodorants, aside from his partnership with tony that deals with establishing hotels. Then Nina came knocking.

I’m coming” Nicole opened the door and saw Nina standing with her hands on her hips and a frown written all over her face. She was back from school and shit!, she knows why she might be angry, she didn’t make the cupcake she promised she would make her before she gets back from school, but she was so cut up with work she couldn’t. “Heyyy” she said wearing a guilty grin on her lips. 

First of all you didn’t tell me you had friends and second of all why didn’t you make my cupcakeeeee?” she said pretending to be in pain when she said the last word. 

I’m so sorry darling, I was very busy with work…” 

I know, I know it because Bryan isn’t here,”


Why did you say I didn’t tell you I had friends?” 

Wellll a beautiful lady is down stairs and she ask for you, she said she was your best friend in college or is your best friend, her name is b..” 



Oh my God where is she?” 

She’s in the sitting room” Nicole went down as quick as she could and when she saw Bella standing and looking around she was shocked and happy. 

Heyyy bestie” Bella said excitedly when she saw her. 

Bella! Oh my God it feels so good to see you again” she went towards her and they hugged tightly, Bella seemed to have change she was dressed in a high class attire and her skin was glowing, she sure did change.



It feels good to see you too babe” 

Sit please but how did you know…” Bella sat down but cut her off knowing what she was curious about.

Well when we last talked you said you were still in Mardan and so I went to look for you there cause I had a business deal to fix here in Cham so I just thought I wouldn’t leave without paying a visit first, but then Mr Chris told me you moved and he gave me your address” 

I knew I did the right thing when I gave him my address or else I wouldn’t be seeing you now” 

Yeah, but what brought you here, are you and Bryan married?” She excitedly adjusting on her seat. 

Nicole rolled her eyes “what did Mr Chris tell you?” 

Nothing much just that you are leaving with someone named Bryan and well I thought it could be any Bryan but then he describe him to me and then my instinct told me it was him, he couldn’t have change that much.” 

Oh you do not wanna know how much he has changed‘ Nicole thought

Hmm, I just work for him and he helped by giving me hospitality in his home


And is he married?, engaged or has a girlfriend…?” Nicole knew where she was heading then she said. 

Yes he has a girlfriend and its been so long Bella I don’t have a crush on him anymore” 

Yes! You don’t have a crush, you are in love with him” 

No I’m not, oh Bee you didn’t come hear to talk about Bryan, it’s been long since we saw each other why don’t we go out to a restaurant or something” 

That’s a good idea” 

Oh I’m sorry Nicole what would your guest like to have” Bianca said rushing out of the kitchen probably hearing what we said, I look down at her hands and knew she was preparing dinner cause Bryan would be back soon, she gave Bella water already but it seems she was busy and forgot to ask what she would like to eat.

Oh no don’t you worry about that Bianca, we are going out to catch some fun, so she wouldn’t eat here” 

I didn’t want Bryan to meet us here it would only give him another pain in his throat. 

“Oh okay, I’m sorry beautiful I’m just really busy” 

Its fine mam, I understand” Bella said with a cute smile plastered on her face making her dimples visible.

Bryan’s POV


I saw a car drive out of my drive way while I was about to drive in and saw Nicole in it, but I didn’t see who the driver was, where is she going and with who?. Oh well why do I care she has the right to do whatever she wants. 

We got down from the car, normally Nina would be running out of the door and spreading her hands wide to hug me but we were not in good terms before I left. 

When we entered, the twins were bouncing around looking at the house and gasping. I smiled at that Tony didn’t come with us and Fahd didn’t too he was packing the stuffs they brought in their new house and said he will get some things in it too. 

Bianca came out of the kitchen and greeted my mom I introduced her and she went back I called Nina and she came down walking slowly with a frown on her face, when she saw the twins she was surprise and mom was also surprise at how Nina had grown. 

NINA oh my god you’ve grown so tall, come here my dear” 

She said to her and Nina walked towards her still confused, it was obvious mom hugged her tightly. Nina recognized her, even if she didn’t remember her, there’s a huge family frame photo of all of us in the hallway so she definitely knows her. I and mom explained every thing to her and she started crying, hugging my mom tightly, I understood her pain, memories of her parents death must be coming back, I tried to delete it since the past few years and was able to a little, I didn’t want Nina to keep having sleepless nights so I always watch over her. Now she and mom were crying so I did my best to calm them cause the twins were starting to stare. 

Then someone opened the door and came in her eyes widened in surprise.

Stay glued on this series. Watch out for Episode 13 next week Wednesday.

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