Today I speak of a crime that’s not illegal.
The practice of some white people has proven to be quite evil.
What do y’all racist have against black people.
Protestors on Holy ground and the cops turn mid-evil.

Why is there a problem with being black.
People are discriminated because their skin colour is dark.
These days you can’t have a simple walk in a park.
You’re a person but its like the moment you put on that badge it blocks out your human heart.

Martin Luther King Jnr Im sorry to say but your work seems to have been in vain.
From the tragic news we are hearing, its all gone down the drain.
The blacks are still going through that same old pain, that same old pain.
When all blacks are dead, I’d like to ask racists what did you all gain.

Knee on his neck he said I can’t breathe, they did nothing.
Aren’t you human please do something.
Yeah K agree the cops did do one thing.
A man said Im dying but they did nothing.

On the street of America the people cry for justice.
They also declare peace, not just this.
We are tired of this 400yr old habit
We can’t take it anymore we just can’t have it

In your anger don’t judge all whites.
Cause in our pain they have been involved in many of our fights.
BLACK LIVES MATTER, we are standing up for our human rights.
And for this cause watch how the people of America stands up and unites.


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