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King Poleon is a spoken word artist,writer and performer, creative director and president at NJM(New Jerusalem Movement) creative community, preacher and engineer.


Life is a blank ChequeShe has everythingBut you must take what it is you want from herLife is a tripYou must be careful not to fallLife is goldenYou must obtain the prizeHer […]


Ever wondered when you’d arrive?Life’s a trip but you don’t have to fallThe journey is a feastYou must handle well your cutleriesTo breakfast what comes with the mornAnd dine out on what […]


It May Seem DarkDarker than NightAll Night No LightLight too faint to ShineShine that lost It sparkSpark that can’t igniteIgnite no FireNo Fire For FutureFuture is Now without PurposePurpose Without plansPlans without […]