I choose to be unaware
Unaware of this world
A settlement of many living dead
As I foreign pass
Let only you be my enlightenment
while I am blind to the ways mere men see
Let my sight be perfect through your light
Let me see through the wisdom of your eyes as you examine the foolishness of the natives of this earth through mine

I choose not to walk
I dare not take a step
If the soles of my feet are not yet labelled with the names of the streets of heaven
Every tread of mine on this sphere a closed book
Opening the pitch-dark hearts of men to the migration to come for the sons of light
that my walk here simulates an antecedent prototype
A post production demo of heroes of faith past
The homegrown of the country above
But I wouldn’t know how
plus what to choose


If my heart wasn’t sown into the soil of your being as seed
nurtured until the totality of your person is tailored within the skin of my flesh
flesh neatly knitted as body
A tabernacle in which you’re tabernacled, for therein you’re bodied
with my spirit sacredly woven with your spirit
For what’s man without God?
Worse! whats a fallen man who won’t be found in Christ Jesus?
Woe! Woe!! Woe!!!

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  1. A religious Piece of a Submissive writer who submits the totality of his existence and actions while in his short stay here earth to a higher Divine Power.

    He offers total surrender and conformity to the rule of the Supreme Being with eyes to a higher calling, not minding the distractions and mundane offers the world has to give.

    This teaches us to always stay focus and in more religious terms portrays how the world and life in general is nothing without GOAL or PURPOSE.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Being submissive enough to be led and directed by a Higher authority that’s beyond man’s imagination so as not be carried away by the things of the physical rheme ,
    This is powerful!!

    Liked by 1 person

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