In Love with the Devil; Episode 3

Nicole’s POV


Nina and Bianca were sweet to me. I never thought I would be so comfortable in my life. Nina took me to the room that was supposed to be mine now. Oh God! I feel so awkward I don’t want to stay in his house, I have to talk to him about this.

Hey, so do you like your room” Nina said.

Yeah it is nice

Uhm… Nicole” Bianca called out to me I did not tell her what really happened to me since Bryan said it was an accident, he probably does not want her to know yet.

Yes mam

Mam? Darling you can call me by my name, this kids just tease me when they call me mama” she said pulling Nina’s ear as Nina let out a small groan.”I just wanted to tell you I will dry your cloths for you okay

If I wanted to be polite, you would tell that I would do it myself but I know too well that I can’t even walk without help. “Okay. Thanks ma… Bianca

You are welcome darling” she said as she left.


Nina helped me to the bed as she told me “so are you his girlfriend” I turned my face to the beautiful girl talking to me. She had a huge grin on her face. Well I wish.

No! why would you ask me that?

Well first of all he doesn’t just bring anyone home and second of all if it was someone that was hurt like you he would take them to the hospital and soooo…

Nina I think your brother is only being nice and I’m only his personal assistant and noting more.

Oh okay but I would like you for him anyway” I stared at as she stood up and said ” good night Nikky” she blushed and left.

The room was really big and the king size bed was so soft that I couldn’t feel any pain as I turned my legs. As much as I might love this place I have to go and I will have to speak to Bryan about this. Once I get my first month salary I will leave and then; oh God I just realised how free I am now. I am an independent woman now I can get the dresses I want, my office wear would be perfect, oh! I can’t wait for the first month to be over.


All my life I have been wearing rags. Some are the cloths my step mom already used to the extent that the color faded. Others are my step sisters stupid cloths which her mum bought for her that were not stylish. It not like I am not stylish but I just don’t have the money to be stylish. Most of my neighbours that were men would take a glance at me and look away immediately, but why would I care that is all I have and I’m wearing it.

The only friend I had in the neighbourhood was Larry, a nerd who lives with his grandma. His grandma opposed our friendship because she thinks I will only bring bad luck to her grandson. She still lives in the old world, believing in superstition. If not for her may be I would be in his house now.


I heard my iPhone 5 ring, which was also a used phone given to me by my sister. Yeah I owned a lot of used things.

Speaking of which “hey Larry how are you” I said feeling warm after Bianca turned on the heater.

Hey biggie, sorry I am calling this late but I just wanted to tell you I’m going out of town tomorrow, it relates to work. So you might not meet me at home. But hey, how was your first day at work huh?” He called me biggie, my nickname in the neighbourhood, because I wear oversized cloths even though I’m very skinny.

Yeaaah it was kinda great but uhm …” And told him the rest of the story.

Oh my God Nicole I’m so sorry. If I had known I would have helped one way or the other. Why didn’t you come to me for help.

Well you and I both know why. Your grandma will kick me out with her stick

Well…yeah” he said with a light chuckle. “But I hope you are comfortable where you are, your boss must be nice to let you stay in his house.

Yeah he is…er I’ve got to go now.

Yeah, get some rest.

I could hear him smile through the phone, he tried to help me get a job many times but my stupid rich step father would find a way to stop me from getting that job through his connections.

Yeah goodnight” I said.

Goodnight” he said and hanged up.

I was really thirsty, I forced my self down the stairs. I tried to get to were the kitchen was and luckily I did. I entered the kitchen and saw Bryan in just short and singlet. God help me I might faint. Damn he was devilishly hot.


He turned around and with a cup of milk on his hand.

What do you want?

I…I ….I came to g…get water” I felt sweat roll down my cheeks.

It is over there” he pointed at the water.

I walked slowly to go and get it. My step mom beat me so bad I was limping. I was almost there but then I tripped and almost fell when Bryan caught my waist from the back very quickly and swung me to his chest. The stupid pain I felt at that moment made me feel stupid.

Ow… Ow” I don’t know why but I felt he was smelling my hair. And suddenly he let go of me and then I found myself on the floor.
And when I looked up he was gone, well then why did he help me before.

Ouch…ouch” oh God, I tried to stand up but the pain grew worse. What is wrong with him? Why did he just drop me like that, I thought.

Nicole what is wrong? how did you fall?” Bianca cried, helping me up slowly

It was an accident. I wanted to get some water when I tripped..

Oh I’m so sorry dear, I should have put some water in your room” then she brought the water to me, “Here

Thank you

You’re most welcome… Er you didn’t tell me who you are to Bryan.

His employee, just an employee

Oh okay” she said. Then she helped me to my room.

Bryan’s POV


When she tripped I had no idea how my hand came around her waist. I should have let her fall. Her body was against mine and I didn’t like the feeling I got from that. It was like I wanted to hold on to her forever. And the smell of her hair was wow. Geez Bryan, she’s the girl you hate okay, you hate her.

I let go of her and left. If I had looked back I would want to help her. I saw bianca coming out of her room which was close to the kitchen. She will see her and help her.

In the morning, I was walking down the stairs already ready to go to work and take my cousin to school when I saw Nicole in a casual wear and not in a office wear plaiting Nina’s hair into a French braid.

“Good morning Bryan” Bianca said. “Have some breakfast before you leave

Good morning Bianca. Yes I will”
“Good morning sir
” Nicole greeted I ignore it and asked “why aren’t you ready for work”


Bryan she can’t go to work today she needs rest” Nina said.

This is none of your business Nina” I turned my face to Nicole “you are coming to work today and that is final

Ye…yes sir

What did I hear you say? Bryan she can’t…” Bianca said coming out of the dining.

Bianca I will eat now.” And everyone was silent as Nicole went up the stairs.

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