I unleash these words from my imagination and ask where is your confidence.
Many thoughts bring up a wall, naw a big older fence
Your disbelief makes things quite foggy and heavily dense
You loose all hope and leave a page stuck before the many fullstops of the word, hence……

A wise man once said to me “never give up”
So because people did not praise you, it does not give you the right to stop.
You have reached a point called artist block, a part of life where u get stuck, u lose hope,
it’s a curse, naw bad luck, u tripped on a silly rock, your face at the feet of a tree stump
Be like Spiderman and always find your way back up.

Chase away disbelief, it only teaches you many lies.
With my last words and a virtual smile I say hello
If u need a boost in morale, you could always ask a fellow, and yes I actually smiled and my face turned pinkish yellow.


10 Lessons: A guide to manipulate your world.

If a person lacks shame or is dishonest, how in God’s name will honestly thrive in the relationship? Why are you surprised when there is a display of shamelessness? People come with certain attributes, some of them just don’t have the mixture you are searching for and

2023 Nigeria Elections

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong to field a same-religion presidential joint ticket. Nothing wrong with it! However, the emergence of a Muslim-Muslim ticket

Motivational Speakers

Let us ventilate The reasoning against motivational speakers In more recent times, some are of the notion that advising others is a complete waste of time, due to the declining trust held for pastors, coaches, professors, mentors or general speakers. Hence, many have taken different platforms, especially social media, to express dissatisfaction for speakers who…

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