I unleash these words from my imagination and ask where is your confidence.
Many thoughts bring up a wall, naw a big older fence
Your disbelief makes things quite foggy and heavily dense
You loose all hope and leave a page stuck before the many fullstops of the word, hence……

A wise man once said to me “never give up”
So because people did not praise you, it does not give you the right to stop.
You have reached a point called artist block, a part of life where u get stuck, u lose hope,
it’s a curse, naw bad luck, u tripped on a silly rock, your face at the feet of a tree stump
Be like Spiderman and always find your way back up.

Chase away disbelief, it only teaches you many lies.
With my last words and a virtual smile I say hello
If u need a boost in morale, you could always ask a fellow, and yes I actually smiled and my face turned pinkish yellow.



“Did you really mean that?” “Mean what?” Kenny asked Tai had been quiet since they left Claire, Kenny on the other hand had been quite garrulous, making really weak jokes and really long speeches about unimportant subjects. Tai could tell he was trying to cover up his nervousness but he was equally nervous if not […]


“Life has the ultimate power of remodelling your very core. Do not let the world take away your soul. Hence, do not allow the wickedness of this world change who you are, for if it does, you loose your purpose. One becomes a wonderer, opened to the looming destruction.” JECINTA POWELL Take my hands he […]

In Her Blu

With the use of poetry I like to share my emotionsTo give y’all a piece of my heart’s notionI tell of a girl, no sorry I mean my crushI want to handle my feeling slow and steadyI want to know when I am ready cause I don’t want to rush. To be honest I talked […]

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