I unleash these words from my imagination and ask where is your confidence.
Many thoughts bring up a wall, naw a big older fence
Your disbelief makes things quite foggy and heavily dense
You loose all hope and leave a page stuck before the many fullstops of the word, hence……

A wise man once said to me “never give up”
So because people did not praise you, it does not give you the right to stop.
You have reached a point called artist block, a part of life where u get stuck, u lose hope,
it’s a curse, naw bad luck, u tripped on a silly rock, your face at the feet of a tree stump
Be like Spiderman and always find your way back up.

Chase away disbelief, it only teaches you many lies.
With my last words and a virtual smile I say hello
If u need a boost in morale, you could always ask a fellow, and yes I actually smiled and my face turned pinkish yellow.


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