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In Love with The Devil; Episode 4

Bryan POV.

“So she’s not in London, oh God! Then where the fuck is she? I cannot hold on to it anymore
I know man but for now Bruce says she’s not in London” my friend or my business partner Tony said talking about the private investigator he recommended. I have been investigating since two years back and when I finally had hope of finding what I’m looking I still get back to square one. 
But I have to find her as soon as possible, it is a huge responsibility and my grandfather made me swear I would give it to her and not use it for my own benefit and some other weird stuff I didn’t understand but now I just don’t want it with me anymore and we only have the picture of a little girl, God” 
I know he said he thinks the former information was just to make him go to the wrong place, he said she is in Cham
Wait she’s here in Cham and I have just been waisting  my time for God damn two years” I said frowning at the thought of it.
Chill out man at least now we know where she is” he said taking a sip of his coffee.
Yeah Yeah!” I said rolling my eyes then turned to my Computer.
Uhm…. you have a meeting five minutes from now sir, it was scheduled at the last minute sir and it with the Francais, they said they are sorry for the sudden shift.” Nicole said with haste right after yanking the door open so suddenly.

Whoa whoa slow down girl” Tony said turning to look at her. 
There’s something called knocking Nicole” I said giving her a hard glared. 
I’m sorry sir but it was really urgent and we only have three minutes now.”
“Well that is my call to leave
” Tony said standing to leave. 
Then an idea hit my head “take this file it very important for the meeting and give it to me when I ask you to.”
“Yes sir” 

Nicole’s POV 

Wow I understood nothing about what they were saying in the meeting I just sat there and watched what was happening. If Bryan needs me he will call me. 
It looks to me that the deal was going great. At first they were frowning and later nodding to each other in agreement. Then after in what looked like thirty minutes Bryan turned to me and said
The file Nicole” stretching out his hand. 
Then one of the French attendant said ‘Mais nous avons fait la reunion
Bryan turned to her and said ‘Attendez un pen s.u.p’ 
C’est d’accord’ 

Er… Nicole the file” I checked my side where I had put the file with the other file that was needed. But then I couldn’t find it. I felt stupid when I started checking on the floor, probably it fell off. 
Bryan rested his chin on both folded hands and asked again giving me the glare I didn’t like “what is wrong Nicole? Where’s the file
I… I…I’m sorry but I can’t find it.
Are you stupid, don’t you know this file is important and I gave it to you one hour ago, how can you tell me you can’t find it you fool” he yelled at me hitting his clenched fist on the table.


I felt a tear roll down my eyes, he just insulted me in front of the other employees and the board members and the investors “I …I am so sorry sir…it….won’t happen again I will find it sir” I said looking down.
Listen I don’t accept any stupid mistake, this is just your second day at work and you made the dumbest mistake ever. If you do not find that file and give it to me by today, I swear you will lose your job
My head jerked up immediately, oh no! I can’t lose this job no “ye…yes sir” I have to find that file. The woman who spoke earlier, taped his back and starred at him in a weird way. “Pouvons nous aller” 
Er…Oui” Bryan replied. And they all stood up and left and gave me one last terrifying glare before he left.

Oh god where is the file? I search around the board room and also went to my office again to check if I had maybe forgotten it there but no it wasn’t there. I was getting weak, I wasn’t feeling too well before and now it has gotten worse; my stomach is hurting, my legs are weak and trembling, I was really tired.

I was walking out of my office to check on Bryan but when I was about to enter, Miss chokes, Bryan’s secretary stopped me “Nicole I’m so sorry for not telling you before but I think the boss is just trying to test you, I see how weak you are and I can’t shut up any more” 
“What is it miss Chokes?” 
“Okay I saw the boss put a red file in his file cabinet and I think the one you’re looking for is red too.” 
“Yes Yes oh thank you miss Chokes”
I said with excitement. Oh thank God but what sort of stupid test was that humiliating and making me weaker than I already am. 
Oh please the pleasure is mine but you can call me Kath” 
Oh okay thanks Kath” I rushed into his office to check the cabinet and I found it beneath some other files and also checked its content, it was it. Yes I can finally go home and get some rest.


Nicole did you find it?” Kath asked when I came out of the office.
Yes thanks Kath, I found it” 
“Nicole you should see a doctor you look really bad”
“Oh yeah I will do that, I should get going it is already late” 

Well I passed your test Bryan Wright, although it really weird arrgh” I realized I was talking to myself when I slapped my forehead on way to get my bag from my office and I was glad Kath offered to take me home.

I got home, it felt even weird to call Bryan’s house my home. I crept inside but was startled by Nina’s voice.
Nina! You scared me” 
“Oh sorry
” I walked towards her and sat close to her on the chair where she sat with some books on the table.
Well for starters your cousin is my boss so I can’t come home with him and I had a lot of things to do at work today” 
But are you okay though because you have not really recovered from your accident.”
“Uhm. Well I’m fine . I just need to get some sleep. Is your brother still awake
” I asked remembering he told me I must find the file and give him today.

Yes he’s in his office, just go into that corner, first the library and his office beside.” She said pointing to the far end of the sitting room. 
Okay thanks darling” 
“You’re welcome” 
“Oh sweetie you’re back, I will just warm up your dinner
“. Bianca said coming out of the kitchen with a napkin. 
Oh thanks a lot Bianca I will be right back“.

I went ahead to where Nina directed me to and gosh the library was huge. I got to his office and knocked. I was so embarrassed the last time I entered his office at the company that I didn’t knock, I totally forgot because I was in a hurry to tell him about the meeting, I was scared that he would get angry with me.


Come in” I heard him call out. I opened the door gently and nervously. 
Sir I have the file” I said. His head jerked up immediately. 
What?” He cleared his throat. “I mean… Er… How did you find it” 
I looked in your office sir” I said taking it out and placing it on his table. 
Who gave you the authorization to check my office huh?” He yelled sending a splashed cold water feeling to my body. 
I’m sorry sir but I had to find it” 
Get out” 
Sir I need to speak to you about my stay here” he looked at me and back at his laptop. 
I was thinking I would stay here until I get my salary…” 
“You’re not going anywhere” 
“You signed a pact that you will do whatever I wanted you to do and part of what I want you to do is to stay here, it is better for your job as my assistant
” he said not looking at me.


But sir…I don’t remember sighing such a pact
You did on your first day Nicole” Then I remembered he did made me sign something. But he could have at least let me read it. How dare he. 
Get out now” 
I said get out woman” he yelled.

Darn! I hate it when he yells at me. It sends fear to my body and I do not like that feeling. He didn’t even let me thank him.

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