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In Love with The Devil; Episode 2

Nicole’s POV

I was so stupid I kept on stammering through out my day with him in the office. He is so bossy, gosh he didn’t even act as if he knew me at all. He was my crush while I was in UC, God he was so handsome and he still is, his face his lips they are all still the same, except his body it’s all built and I’m so sure he has packs. Oh stupid Bella she’s always shouting my grades and my achievement so he could hear then she thought maybe he would also like and approach me. Sometimes I feel he hates me and he showed it today and I still really have a big crush on him, but I don’t care if he doesn’t feel the same way for me, its fine, my crush will fade away soon.

I walked down to my house at Mardan and though we have such a big house I look like a maid in it or maybe I am actually a maid.

I opened the door of the house with the extra key with me and I did it slowly and quietly, it was ten in the night, they would be asleep now. I went down to my room, well my actual room has been stolen from me by my step sister, she said it’s much more bigger than the one down the stairs. I took a shower wore by night gown and fell on my bed like a log of wood. I slept off and soon I started feeling pressure on my boobs and then it went down to my thigh then I opened my eyes. It was my step dad.

You have a beautiful body Nicole” I pushed him away from me immediately.

What are you doing?“.

How dare you push me? Don’t you ask me any stupid questions” and then landed a blow on my eyes making me fall on the bed. Then he pulled down my panties aggressively and I tried struggling but he kept hitting me and holding my hand tightly, but I never gave him the chance to penetrate me. This time I decided to scream so I can call the attention of my step mom and sister.

Help! help! please help!

My step dad held my mouth and said “shut the fuck up you brat

What’s going on here?” I was so relieved to hear my step mom voice.

Ho… ho… honey it not what you think at all, she she was seducing me.” My step dad said stammering

What no I… that wasn’t what happened he was trying to rape me

What did you say huh?” Oh my God she’s definitely gonna beat me black and blue I should have known I should have just defended my self without asking for help.

I said what did you say? Did you say he was trying to rape you huh? Is that what you said?. Speak up! ” she yelled as she slapped me hard, making my head hit the wall suddenly. My head was spinning I could not hear what she was saying. I don’t know how she got the belt but she started beating me with it and before I knew it she already threw me and my bag out of the house.

I stared at the street, I watched as the rain beat the road heavily, I hid myself in a corner so I would not get wet. I was feeling cold and then I reached for my bag I took out my coat and slipped it on. I remembered the look on my stepsister face she didn’t say a word, when on a normal day if I was being beaten by my step mom she would always shout and put sugar and sauce to make her criticise me the more.

What if he had raped her too, I mean she’s not his daughter too. What if oh my God I saw her one day shivering in a corner in the kitchen when I went to get water in the middle of the night.

Chloe are you okay?” I asked her as soon as I saw her, then bent over.

Don’t you dare touch me” she said when I tried touching her.


Leave. Me. Alone, just leave already” she said and I was so worried cause since then she has been acting rather weird.

I was now drained in water, my cloths, my coat, my bag they were all wet. The rain had reach the corner I was. Oh God please save me.

Need help mam” I heard that same husky voice and when I looked up.

Bryan’s POV

Oh blonde don’t disturb me now I am very busy okay please” I said to Nina, my sixteen year old cousin while I was busy on my laptop. She’s the only family I have, she’s like a sister to me. Well she is not the only family, Bianca who is our cook is like a mother to me too, we don’t even refer to her as a maid. I and my cousin lost our parents in an air plane accident. They were going on a business trip and the two brothers who was my dad and Nina’s dad decided to take their wife’s along and we stayed with our grandpa. Shortly after their death grandpa died too. I was in university of cham and it my first year and Nina was only five at that time. I fought, I worked really hard and suffered. Taking care of her alone was like taking care of three children.

My inhaler Bri

Wait what happened to your inhaler” I stopped what I was doing immediately.

It all finished and I need it

Why the heck are you just telling me huh?

I forgot so sorry” she said pining her ears. “Can you get it now hun pleeease” she said with her grey puppy eyes.

Alright I will but you will have to be alert next time naughty girl” I said slipping on my jacket.

I will let you call me that ’cause I did wrong this time but next time you call me that I won’t spear you trust me

Yeah yeah” I said as I left the house and drove out. There was actually no pharmacy open in Dowan so were would I find it now. I looked at my wrist watch it was almost twelve. I drove to Mardan and was glad to find one open then I bought the inhaler and when I was about to get in my car back I saw a lady in a corner trying to get away from the rain I wanted to leave her but something told me not to.

Need help mam” I said to her and she looked up at me slowly. Oh God damn it, it’s Nicole. I should have left her shit.
Ni… ni… Nicole what happened to you?” I could see her face was badly injured.

I n ne… ne… need yo… your h… he help please” she said lowly her voice was also vibrating. Hmm this is going to be interesting my revenge will be much more easier.

I made her stand but she started limping. “I can’t walk” she blurted out. Arrgh do I have to do this. I carried her bridal style even if she was soaking wet. “Hold the umbrella will you” I said.

Huh… Uhm yeah” she said and held the umbrella. She was actually easy to carry; she’s so skinny. I felt her skin, it was so soft, then the realisation hit me that I was touching her laps and body for the first time. I could still smell her scent, it was like strawberry. I got to my car, placed her at the back seat and she handed me the umbrella. I closed the door, put her bag in the boot then ran to the driver seat for cover and comfort.

We were silent as I drove. It was when we got to Dowan that she broke the silence. “Er… sir w… Where are you taking me?” she asked with a vibrating voice..

To my house


Do you have anywhere else to go?

N… no… no sir…” I loved the way she calls me sir.

So then don’t complain. What happened to you?” I asked trying to use an authoritative voice.

Nicole’s POV

Oh my gosh he was killing me. Why did he have to carry me so close to his body. But it felt good though I felt warm and protected.
Goooddd I want to touch his face so bad, I had no idea why I wanted to but I couldn’t he was frowning as he took me to the car.

Er…sir where are you taking me?” I asked and then I felt I shouldn’t have.

To my house” he said. Sometimes I think he is charged for the words he use cause he only talks in phrases.

But…” I wanted to say his wife when he caught me off. He might be married.

You have any where else to go?… no sir…” And there he goes again cutting me short.

Then don’t complain. What happened to you?” and he’s still using his bossy voice arrgh. Oh but I am glad he cares.

I got beaten and sent out of my house by my step parents.” I said. It will be meaningless to hide anything from him.

What about your friend Bella?” he remembered, he remembered me and acts like doesn’t.

She’s in New York

I was surprised he didn’t say a word after that until we reached a tall and beautiful white house. He opened the gate with a remote and he carried me to the house very slowly. Bryan opened the door and placed me down I was surprised at how beautiful it was even though we were practically the same status although my step dad is richer than he his, their house is so much beautiful compared to ours.

Oh dear I have been waiting…oh my God who is she and what happened to her ?… Come… Sit ” a woman who looks to be in her fifties said to me and took me to sit on the sofa. ‘Dear’. Who could she be at least I heard his parent were dead. So who is she ? Is she is wife. Oh my God but she is old enough to be his mother. Oh my God is Bryan out of his mind. How could she be his wife?.

Oh Bryan you’re back… Oh my god who is she?.” A young girl came running down the stairs. Is this his daughter wait but she looks like a fifteen or sixteen year old. Have they been married for a long time. Oh God I felt like crying. Alright Nicole get yourself together it might not be what you are thinking. Really.

Oh mama she’s my assistant and she er had an accident.” Bryan said sitting on a sofa opposite us. Mama okay now I know she’s not his wife. But mama, well maybe his nanny.

Oh but this looks like a hard hit. Look at your eye darling. I will help you alright.” She said going away from the room.

Here is your inhaler Nina ” Bryan said facing the young girl who was already beside me with her hand on my shoulder.

Oh thanks Bri ” she said as she collected it and used it.

Is she staying?” the cute girl with blonde hair asked.

Hmmm” I didn’t miss how he glanced at me briefly but then he stood up and left. Why did he leeeaaave?.

Hey I am Nina, Bryan’s cousin. What’s your name?” she came closer and smiled sweetly at me. A smile that brightened up her grey eyes.


Oh then is it okay if I call you Nicky


Oh dear. Let me threat your wound, but you will have to see a doctor later, okay my dear” said the old woman. She’s so kind, she took care of me even without knowing who I was.

Yes thank you so much mam.

You’re welcome darling


Stay tuned for Episode 3 next week Wednesday.

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