Tag: Short stories

The Soldier Boy- Pt 1

When I was a boy, my dream was to be a soldier. I wanted to be a soldier so much than I wanted to be alive. I would watch the uniforms, guns, […]

In Love with The Devil; Episode 4

But I have to find her as soon as possible, it is a huge responsibility and my grandfather made me swear I would give it to her and not use it for my own benefit and some other weird stuff I didn’t understand but now I just don’t want it with me anymore and we only have the picture of a little girl, God!

When the Obvious Truth is Ignored- Part 1

Mother was busy ranting, asking the calm unarmed police man who was the last to leave the house why they were arresting Uche, he told her that he was a suspect in a bank robbery at Osiosioma. She had denied it, she had pleaded with the unarmed police to let her son go that he was no thief. She had defended him saying that his son had never stolen his entire life, that he was one that never looked for trouble. The disbelief that graced my eyes, the disappointment that slammed my ears at mother’s words made me uncomfortable.