In Love with The Devil; Episode 9

Nicole’s POV

A/N I need to know if Nicole’s character is stupid enough. Pls tell me.




Oh my God, am I dreaming or am I dead and seeing what I want so badly as a ghost. I feel like I’m swimming in the sweetness of his lips, I have never felt like this before in my life, I feel like I’m not in any planet of the world, I’m just in a place where nobody is, except Bryan and I. Oh please, an angel from heaven should just pinch me so I can wake up from this dream. But I sincerely don’t want to, I just want to keep swimming. Ahhh hmmmm,,,

I was still dreaming when suddenly Bryan pushed me, I opened my eyes immediately, my lips was still pouted when my butt landed painfully on the floor.

Awwwww” I yelled.

What was that all about?

Ah what?” I said, standing immediately and dusting my cloth.


What’s what huh? You kissed me, y…yo…you forced a kiss on me you b***h

Wh…wha…what?!” He just called me a b***h.

Get out!” He yelled now walking towards his chair.

Oh my God, I feel like crying

Bryan raised his eyebrows “I. Said. Get. Out

Nicole went out of the office.

Did I hear him laugh? I must have heard wrong” I said almost crying, I’m in pain, hurt, so much pain.

Excuse me, who the hell are you?” I looked up seeing Stella in front of me.

Oh sorry you’re the rag, sorry the maid, no I mean whatever you’re called” I couldn’t help but continue crying. (A/N Oh my God Nicoleeeee)


Awww did you get fired?” She moved nearer and said close to my hair. “Cause I’ll be very happy if you were” she said laughing evilly.

Arrgh I hate everybody right now, everybody is just so annoying.

Bryan’s POV

Oh my God, I feel like weeping” I realised what she said and couldn’t help but laugh at that, I hoped she didn’t hear me since she was about to close the door when I just couldn’t hold the laughter any longer.

She’s so cute and so amazing (A/N awwn I love this thought Bryan)

No! I can’t. I have to stop this, arrgh. But the kiss, her lips, it was so deliciously tasteful, I couldn’t help but lick my lips, hoping to get a taste of the strawberry taste of her lips again but no, I bit my lips and closed my eyes remembering how I consumed her soft lips, God made those lips so perfect, it was so sweet and so soft I was hoping it wouldn’t tear. The beautiful smell of her skin that could have made me rip off her cloths, her tender touch, everything, everything about her is just amazing if there’s a word higher than that, that I can remember right now I would use it.

BRYANNN” I heard a very loud annoying noise right inside my ear that made me shriek and fall of my chair.


I looked up and realized it was Stella who was trying her best to hold in her laughter. “Why the hell did you do that” I yelled. Nicole maybe a witch I made her fall and now I am also on the floor.


Stella only answered with a loud roar of laughter, I stupidly watched her still on the floor and then when she was done or maybe almost she said “so…sorry… B…ha…ha…but you were lost in your thoughts” I stood up and went back to my sit frowning, I realised Stella’s laughter had died down probably noticing the frown written all over my face.

Hey don’t frown like that, I called out to you a number of times but you didn’t answer so I had to do just that

Oh really” I said being sarcastic. I wasn’t like this, I was always focused while at work until that angelic face came into my life. Wait no she isn’t angelic not at all.

This time it was Stella’s touch that brought me back to reality. “I’m so sorry baby, but you know what’s funny is funny and you can’t blame me for laughing at that

Yeah yeah, I’m busy Stella I need to work

Oh no not again naughty boy” she then rolled my chair around to face her then she unbuttoned my shirt very fast. My body didn’t want to, my heart didn’t want to, my mind didn’t want to, neither did I want to. But I thought Stella would get rid of this weird feeling I have for Nicole.

Stella started to kiss my chest as usual that’s how she started, I loved it before but I don’t know why it’s annoying me now. She started unbuckling my belt, I had no idea why I got angry but I was angry and then I shoved her away and yelled.

I said I’m busy Stella, don’t you get that!


OK ok, I know you’re angry so I’ll leave you, bye sweetheart” she said after she sighed and kissed me on my cheek before smirking at me and leaving.

What was that supposed to mean, I hate it when she smirks like that, I know she’s up to something.

🙄🙄🙄 🙄🙄🙄 🙄🙄🙄

Nicole’s pov

Hey” Tony said to me while he was leaning against his car, having sighted me.

Sorry I was late, I really had a lot of things to do” especially trying to recover from the fucking embarrassment that happened with the fucking Bryan.

I pleaded.

No forget it…well you were actually just three minutes late after telling me to give you a minute to come down here, so you were practically not late but if I was your boss I would say ‘you are three minutes late, why don’t you take your fucking job seriously Nicole!'”


Tony said trying to mimic Bryan with his face all folded up in a very funny way I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

And what’s so funny” I heard a familiar deep sexy voice behind me. Fuck.

Nothing sir” I said quickly before Tony could say anything.

He rolled his eyes and walked towards his car which was parked beside Tony’s. “Come on I’ll take you home“. she’s coming with me

I’m going straight home an… don’t worry I’ll take her

No she is coming with me

He raised his eyebrow “why?” He asked.

Ah..” I wanted to speak but Tony caught me off.

We are going on a date, you got a problem with that?” with the way he answered him, it feels like he was angry.

What!…ah forget it” with that he went into his car and drove off.

Shall we?” Tony said turning to me, I nodded ’cause I had no idea what happened just happened.


We got into his car and I was shocked when he opened his car door for me, what a gentleman…awwn no one has done this for me before.

It only took us thirty minutes to arrive at his house, I was shocked at the sight of his house it was very simple at first but then the inside was magnificent.

So how do find my house



He laughed at the way I gasped as we entered the sitting room. Wow.

Nora I’m home!” Tony called out and then a woman who looks like she is in her fifties came out of the kitchen (she reminds me of Bianca)

Hello darling, how was your day at work today?” she asked after working towards him and peeking him. Must be his mum.

Hi mum, it was great mum” he said.

His mum hit his shoulder playfully “hey, I told you not to call me that” she doesn’t like been called mum? Wow

Tony chuckled and then turn his eyes to me he then reacted like he had absolutely forgotten that I was still there.


Oh Nora meet my friend Nicole and Nicole meet my mum

Nice to meet you mam” I said extending my hands to her but she hugs me instead.

Nice to meet you beautiful and please let’s drop the formalities ya and call me Nora please

Oh okay mam… I mean Nora

She turned to Tony and said “I’m sorry Tony but I will have to live you two now ya

She kissed his cheek again and Tony made a sad baby face which made her to say “grow up boy” with that she left after saying bye to me. Now what? we are alone.

He led me to the dinning and then the sight of the table already set surprised me. So that’s what his mum came to help with.


Tony scratched his head. “Take a seat please” he said.

I sat down and I was surprised at how forward I was to take a drink out of the water on the table I realized I was really thirsty putting the water down I saw Tony already dishing the plates.

I was served and I waited for him to start eating before me.

So…ah…what do you do?

Uhn” Tony looked at me bewildered.

Sorry I’m trying to talk like we just met

Oh well… I’m an entrepreneur and you?

I’m an executive assistant to the CEO of Exportees

“And what do you like about your job?” Tony said coming closer and taking a sit in front of me, he seemed to be very interested in the question.

And I also could not help but change my mood “yeah…it was very nice and I love it” I said faking a smile on my face.


Good, so what was your actual dream” should I tell, why do I feel like I should?.

To be a fashion designer… I learnt it while I was in the University, when my step-mum still gave me little money and I got some money from the per time restaurant I work in…

Wow, then when did you have time to go for your sewing classes and at the same time your normal classes

Stay tuned for episode 10 next week Wednesday.

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