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Nothing is Ever Enough; Part 3

She wondered why some Nigerian Universities grading system revolved around money and other vices. Why lecturers were allowed to hold an upper hand in such vices. Why the students who didn’t want to be part of such vices or associated with them were the ones that failed and the cooperating ones, the ones that bought the unedited, plagiarised textbooks and offered their bodies at will were the ones that passed. She wondered if some of these lecturers in their acclaimed wide readings and researches had ever come across values of discipline, civility, honesty and straightforwardness.

The Cultural Blind Spot; Part 3

The female doctor admitted her into the NGO that she had founded that catered for justice for the raped, abused and ill-treated women. She started to undergo counselling two times every week. As time progressed, Nneoma started to develop small talks with younger girls that had come in for justice; she become a counsellor, helping them heal and forge a new course.