Power 1

Strength is in numbers
Power is in 1
1 can build a nation
Be the bricks to the foundation on which a dying world would survive
1 could be that alien to save an ordinary man from the spiritual parasitic life choking dome that enclose humanity.

1 is freedom, purging out impurities and infirmities
Introducing divine vaccines that overwrites Adam’s apple pestilence from the DNA of any man.
1 is that distinguished engineer who fixes another Man’s spirit, soul and body into the perfect mechanism of God’s theory.

1 is a doctor, a life giving spirit that induces heavenly oxygen, that eternal vibrant um into the death sentenced cavity of humanity.
1 is a surgeon skilled in the precision instrument of the word of Life, cutting and stitching up, unraveling and sewing up men beyond bones and marrows, deep into their spirits and souls.

For He knows, He’s tool is sharper than a two edged knife
1 is an artist who paints out the beauty of God’s will and purpose in a man
Leaving the image tattooed in chambers of his Spirit
1 who sees the angel in the stone and carves it out
Carves it out for heaven to behold.

What I am saying is 1 is a hold-oner who won’t give up on that man, woman, boy, girl, brother, sister, family member, stranger
Until he or she has them brainwashed,
has their I spirit washed and brought into the Kingdom
For 1
1 shall chase a thousand
1 + 1 put 10,000 to flight
If a 1000 years could be seen as 1
then a 1000 men could be found through and in 1
For 1 is the origin of all
1 is the Factor of unity
1 is us.

1 is us proof, prove the living working talking word
1 is us icons, icons of Jesus Christ for men to click on, to realise who they really are
1 is us activists
1 is us influencers, charting the course of another man’s life
1 is us watchmen, watching steadily for the harvest
1 is us a tree that’s a forest
Bearing fruits in and out of seasons
One is us, fishers
fishers of men
Whose net weight worths thousands of men

1 is us the church
The body of Christ
With one goal, one vision
Fighting 1 fight of faith
Taking God’s divine presence to the nations of the world
Demonstrating the character of the Holy Ghost
1 is us
The Man, the message and the Mandate
1 chasing a 1000
1 + 1 putting 10,000 to flight
If 1000 years could be seen as 1
then 1000 men could be found through and in 1.

For 1 is the origin of all
By 1 man’s disobedience many were made sinners and cursed unto death
But by the obedience of 1 man
Many shall turn to righteousness
Alive, Alive unto God
I believe in the binary function of 1
In the matrix power of 1
1 life
1 life can make a difference
And that life is you.

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