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I'm a Nigerian, filled with dreams😆 and so much happiness, I hope you love me and my books. you can find me on IG: flody_t and thanks

In Love with The Devil- Episode 16

Nicole’s pov Thirty minutes ago I came back from work earlier than I use to, then Nina ran towards me, she was back from school too. “Nicky are you making my cupcake […]

In Love with The Devil; Episode 9

No! I can’t. I have to stop this, arrgh. But the kiss, her lips, it was so deliciously tasteful, I couldn’t help but lick my lips, hoping to get a taste of the strawberry taste of her lips again but no, I bit my lips and closed my eyes remembering how I consumed her soft lips, God made those lips so perfect, it was so sweet and so soft I was hoping it wouldn’t tear. The beautiful smell of her skin that..

In Love with the Devil; Episode 8

He wanted to pull her body close to his, he wanted to feel her warmth, he wanted to place his nose on hers and smell her vanilla scent comfortably, he wanted to run his nose from her nose to her ear and down to her neck then up to her lips, he wanted to feel a burning sensation that would tempt him to place his lips on hers, he wanted to moan at the sweet strawberry taste of her lip gloss, he wanted to run his hand