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In Love with The Devil- Episode 16

Nicole's pov Thirty minutes ago . I came back from work earlier than I use to, then Nina ran towards me, she was back from school too. "Nicky are you making my cupcake today?" She asked with so much hope, I was tired but I agreed. She went with bianca to get grocery's and then…
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In Love with The Devil- Episode 15

Nicole's POV . I woke up at the annoying sound of my alarm, my head was hurting so bad and then I tried to remember what happen yesterday, and my eyes widened 'I was drunk, oh shit! Bella… I fucking got drunk' I look down at my self and gasped ' why I'm I naked?,…
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In Love with The Devil- Episode 14

Three hours ago Bryan's POV I watched Nicole as she rubbed her eyes, it was probably blurry, she widened it and tilted her head, she tried to move but she staggered on the chair. Fuck! She's drunk the alcohol scent had taken over the room now. "Nicole are you okay?" Nina said moving towards her.…
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In Love with The Devil- Episode 13

Third persons POV Tony was driving to his house when he passed Mardan, he wanted to keep going but found his car turning into a huge mansions driveway, he hardly comes to visit but it wasn't his fault it was meant to be that way. He entered the house he wasn't stopped by the security…
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In Love with The Devil- Episode 12

Third persons pov "Oh my son, I have been looking every where for you."  "Mom!" Bryan couldn't believe his eyes is it really her or is he just imagining things?.  "Bryan?!" Another man whom Bryan didn't know, walked towards them and said. "Bryan we've been looking everywhere for you, nice to meet you, I'm Fahd" …
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In Love with the Devil; Episode 10

Nicole's pov "Wow so when do you have time to go for your sewing classes and normal classes" Tony said. "Well yeah I do, 'cause my sewing classes is at night" "Then when do you get to study?" "Midnight" "Woah! Do you even sleep" Tony asked bewildered. . I let out a light chuckle seeing…
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