The world is noisy
So noisy you could get lost searching for silence
So I let the walls that room me be the only voices I hear
When I talk, they talk back, we understand each other perfectly
This language is personal
Not once, not twice
These walls have constantly guarded my ears from the noisy world

Some say I’m lost
But every time I find me
Only me can find me
I do it in the confines of these walls
Well maybe I’m lost
Lost in the oceans of my thoughts
Caused by my quest for silence
They say silence is deadly
I guess that’s conversation for more than one
I say silence is priceless
That’s conversation for me and I
There’s peace between the lines
Yes, so look between the lines
That calm feeling that sprouts amidst the challenges and noise of the world
That’s peace and that comes when you house the greatest world Peace

Peace is indoors
You will always find her inward
Peace is a person
You will always find him inward
Peace is a place
You can only be with it inward
Peace is a fruit
Best enjoyed with the giver -the Spirit.
The world is noisy
Peace lives inside of you
Peace is silence
No wonder He said
“Peace be still”


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