On Christmas Day

Flashes of lights everywhere
Gift shops filled with celebrators
Balloons loosely flies to the sky
My favourite sky is above, clear blue
The clouds, look, angles watching down
Many are holding hands observing too
My face is smiling to strangers
The wind on it is soothing
Beautiful red skater dress move to it
My hands glide in it while I sway
Feet pacing to its rhythm
My legs are strong and ready
A happy girl dancing on the street
Though my best is still a failure to him
Grace has chosen me regardless
Santa was in my home.

Almost at the french baker’s cream shop
To take delivery of our Christmas gateau
He is waiting for pleasant seasons greetings
I will also anticipate his season’s gift
A pie so delicious that we wait all year
A time to celebrate the birth of our Lord
Moments to reflect his everlasting love
A day to open gifts underneath our tree
Offerings as a show of gratitude
Too good to let us go we fall into his arms
Too good a day it seems to linger
I woke up happy to great news
Santa came early again.

The thanksgiving turkey is in the oven
Juicy flavours all gushing out to taste
Food ready and served at the table
The refreshments have been arranged
Home spanking clean for arrivals
The ornaments on the tree is glittering
The house is flashing with decorations
Their eyes sparking with merriment
The bells will make a great sound
News of celebration the people heard
Many at my doorstep this Christmas beaming
Singing passed down lullabies of our saviour
Flowing into his heart of faithfulness and kindness
Closer to his heart we are happy to know
Merry is what we shall do all day
Santa visited us early with pleasant gifts.

My phone is ringing
The complements are stacking
Everyone seems to be happy
Why wont they be joyous
A king who loves us was born today
So much love that he died for our sins
So that we can dance in high spirit
Knowing there is one who loves unconditionally
A beloved who has made us a victor
One who has made life meaningful
A son of whom a father is proud
Now his servant go from house to house
Keeping presents while we sleep in hope
Santa will come early next year too.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

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