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YeahThe world is noisySo noisy you could get lost searching for silenceSo I let the walls that room me be the only voices I hearWhen I talk, they talk back, we understand each other perfectlyThis language is personalNot once, not twiceThese walls have constantly guarded my ears from the noisy world Some say I’m lostBut…
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Who sailed the Time.

If you see him tell him we spoke, tell him that whispers echoes more than Tik-Tok.Tell him we spoke about the past leaving the future to itself.Tell him we spent more time by earning it and we earn more time by spending it.We caught up in lines attached to the melodies of our mind thinking…
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. Heed the voice of I who speakFor to love is to dieTo love is to birthNo option more, No choice lessChoose your type and move into the arenaFor you can forge without the other. For a man comes along the wayShould he be put downBanished to oblivionScarified for attemptBrainwashed to connive. For a woman…
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