It May Seem Dark
Darker than Night
All Night No Light
Light too faint to Shine
Shine that lost It spark
Spark that can’t ignite
Ignite no Fire
No Fire For Future
Future is Now without Purpose
Purpose Without plans
Plans without Passion
Passion without power
Power without Influence
Influence that can’t effect Change
Change for Today
Today for tomorrow
Tomorrow Forever

Don’t be that Man
Refuse to be that Man

That Man Whose dreams died before they where ever birthed.


Being alive doesn’t mean you’re living
There’s a better state of Existence
Don’t be Him Who’s depended on Sense knowledge
When there’s a divine Access To A Glorious Reality
Don’t be him whose challenges bottled up, belittled and scared Off The Top
When He could be walking on water, touching the sky high, mastering the Art of Living and not mastered By Life itself
Refuse to be that Man whose body is weak to carry his dreams, bedridden, beaten by sickness choking the breath outta him
When he could be something more, something more like A life Giving Spirit, A dispensation of Eternity
Don be him who’s totally engraved by the darkness of this world, too blinded to see the Light of Truth
Don’t say it’s too late to wake up
Don’t Think it’s Too late To Arrive At Destiny.

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