written series

In Love with The Devil- Episode 13

Third persons POV

Tony was driving to his house when he passed Mardan, he wanted to keep going but found his car turning into a huge mansions driveway, he hardly comes to visit but it wasn’t his fault it was meant to be that way.

He entered the house he wasn’t stopped by the security guard because he had the right to. Tony found a woman in her fifties and man in his fifties too sitting together arm clasped together, they were talking to his nanny, Nora, no one knows his secret except Bryan, but no one should know his secret, it’s risky.

All his life he has been hidden away, he had to suffer for his parents love, his parent loved each other dearly and they would not let anything break them apart, he yearned for the love of his parents. They did shower him with so much love but he wanted to be close to them he wanted them to be able to call him son not act like he was a friends son.

He knew it had to be that way or else he wouldn’t be alive or his parents would have been apart and he didn’t want that.

He wanted such love in his life, he has fallen in love before but he left her just because of his past and his present, he feared it would be his weakness and until he resolved his past he cannot build a fearful future. That’s the only reason he became a Casanova, he wanted to forget the angel that walked into his life but he couldn’t, he sometimes sees her in Nicole that’s why he cared so much about Nicole.

Son, come here” his father Chris Walter called, he must have seen him staring at them with love. Tony smiled and walked towards Chris he liked it when he came home and he’s called son, that’s why most of the time he waited for at least two months to come. He could only be called son inside the house and not outside.

My love you’re here” his mother Angela Walter said as he came close to them, he sat beside his mom and placed his head on her chest like a baby would, his mom smiled and kissed his forehead.

I missed you mom

I missed you too son

Hmmm is that true huh?” Nora said grinning and pulling his ears up, he groaned in pain and he knew why she did that.

Tell us about your new girlfriend, you seem to like this one for bringing her into your house

Really son!” Chris exclaimed.

No dad she just a friend, she reminds me of someone special and that’s why I let her in my house” Tony said resting his head on his mom’s chest again.

Oh is it?” they all said in unison laughing.

I’m serious” Tony whined. He loved acting like a child with his family just so they could spoil him with love.

Yes you are” this time Chris and Nora said in unison.

Hey, stop it let him be” Tony smirked appreciating the way his mom defended him.

After two hours Tony went out and Chris and Nora came out with him and he and his father shake hands like unrelated persons while he dropped Nora off at home himself.

He was driving to his house when he suddenly saw some car parked in front of his gate.

He alighted from his car and saw it was a drunk lady. She was sexy and very beautiful too it seems he knows her but he couldn’t remember.

She was mumbling but he could not make out what she said “I’m sorry….. I’m soo so….rry

He had to help her and he knew it so he drove his car and her car into his mansion and carried her in.

He placed her on the guest rooms bed and he saw her face clearly her makeup was already ruined and her hair was really messy in a cute way, she was smiling and her dimples were really showing.

It’s her, dammit it’s her

But she doesn’t dress like this, she was more like Nicole, she’s changed a lot but he loved it too.


Yes!” She answered and started laughing. Fuck! It’s her

How….how did you know my name?” she laughed.

What are you doing here in Cham?” That was the only question in his head, was she looking for him but she was heartbroken and she swore never to speak to him again so how… He was confused. No! She cannot come back into his life she can’t , he doesn’t want to loose her but he doesn’t want her dead.

Bella widened her eyes to get a clear. “Oh fuck, it’s you, you bastard why does it have to be you?” she said almost like she was crying. He knew he deserved her curses so he didn’t care.

You need to shower

No I’m leaving” she made an attempt to stand up but he pulled her back, their face almost touching each other.

You can’t drive you’re drunk

I can manage and listen don’t get too comfortable I’m engaged” she said weakly pulling her hands up and showing him her ring pouting. It was a beautiful diamond alright.

Engaged” the word rang a bell in Tony’s head. “Engaged, she’s fucking engaged

Yeah that’s right get dumbfounded, I’m leaving I need to go back to New York to my fiancé”.

That’s a lie you’re not engaged you’re lying” Tony yelled. He was furious but isn’t that what he asked for?, for her to be able to leave without him and now its hurting so much.

Yes I am believe it or not…” Bella said lazily, closing her eyes but this time Tony went into the bathroom got some water and splash it hard on her face, he needed her to be conscious so he knows if she speaking the truth.

What the hell did you do that for?

So you could talk to me with your brain functioning that why?

Ugh you’re such a nitwit” she said splashing away the water from her body.

Now tell me, are you really engaged?

Yes I am Tony and I don’t need to give you any explanations I’ve got a flight to catch” she looked down at her watch. “Fuck! I missed it and it’s your fault”

My fault! Oh okay, it was my fault you got drunk and stopped in front of my house, it was my fault you could have been robbed and I had to help you in my home, yes! it was my fault” Tony yelled anger filled his eyes, he couldn’t stand the fact that she was engaged. He stormed out of the room and hit the door behind him.

Bella had no choice but to stay so she took a shower and wore the shirt which Tony had taken off earlier before recognizing her. She loved wearing his shirt it made her feel like his woman.

She believed Tony was a Casanova, she feared that, when the handsome man first asked her out when she was working as a secretary in New York. She didn’t care she had fallen in love with him at first sight and thought she could at least be loved for a while.

She fell deep in love with Tony and later while they were dating she thought he was too, but then he broke up with her and later she saw him with someone else. She was hurt but she knew from the beginning she was setting a trap for herself, she sometimes wonder why she was too easy. At that time she felt she wasn’t sexy and not what any man would want to taste and when Tony asked her out she was elated.

She got promoted made a lot of money and started up her own company. Bella is a writer and she loved her work. She became the diva every man wants in his bed but she never allowed it, somewhere in her heart she knew Tony would come back, she had no idea why but she knew he loved her but he’s pushing her away for some reason she didn’t know.

When they broke up she knew for sure Tony was still spying on her but later she didn’t hear news about him in town again, then she found out he moved to Cham.

Bella walked around his house looking for Tony whilst admiring it. Tony was sitting by the side of the swimming pool, she saw how he folded his legs and hands and she knew he was furious.

She lied she was engaged just to see how he would react. She and Nicole got drunk remembering their college days together but she wasn’t really drunk she was still conscious of what she was doing but she was too lazy to drive. Bella pitied Nicole she doesn’t drink but she was hell bent on drinking so she allowed her and dropped her off. She had bought the ring only because she loved the design.

She walked to where Tony was and said.”If you tell me you love me I might not get married” she teased

I knew it!” He said jumping up

You’re not getting married” he pulled her into a tight hug and then suddenly he kissed her. She was completely caught off guard but she kissed him back making him to tighten his grip and thrust his tongue into her lips. God knows it, he missed every single thing about her, he took his shirt off her and reached for her bra, he took it off and massaged her breast kissing her passionately, he had no idea how they got to his room and Bella knew it was his room cause she could smell his cologne on the bed. She moaned as Tony placed his lips on her breast, massaging the left side. He traced his lips down to her stomach then slowly to her center. Bella moan loudly ‘he is going to make me sin‘ she thought.

She needed him badly wanted him badly and he did inched to get between her legs. He never forgot he deflowered her and he was pleased with it. Bella wasn’t wearing any panties, so he did got in without any hassle. They both moaned loving the pleasure they got from it. Tony came back to her lips and he heard her mumble

Tony, I want you please” she begged. He smirked knowing how badly he wanted her too.

Tony and Bella found themselves making love without knowing it.
But there was one thing that recorded in Bella’s head and she knew it would always stay there.
Tony saying the magical words “I love you so much Bella” after making love, she asked him to repeat what he said and he did giving her hope of being back in his arms.


Thanks for reading. Now you know more about Tony you know he is Chris son

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