The Tunnel

Yessinblog letter.

The light at the end of the tunnel, chant
Oh victorious one, raise your hands
Yes! the finish line will be broken
Do we chase this highly assuring gleam
Quicken towards the opening far along
Pursue fast enough, it is closer now.

It seemed near, almost there, a little more
The realisation of emptiness were glaring omissions
The colourless environment, the shivering cold settles
Clearer, yet moonless, a nightmare, a lost dream
Impossible is all around, wash thy eyes again
Forsake this flight, profound feelings of anxiety
Let us wait for a miracle, we remain still.

Did we sow this voyage in our heads
A race to finish at the end of the tunnel
It was the tales, legends of many successes
The reason for sacrifices on limbo grounds
Light it seemed but illusion it was
Fictitious is our world
Not a sky now at the opening
Was there ever a light, hope in reality.

Circular journey, trekked in darkness
Far too long swimming, flying in deceit
The blind man will not see this imaginary
The breads that have brought many limitations
Drops of water to widen his taste flows near
Darkness is where we are hiding
Everything happens here.

But a comic hero cometh
To blast the tunnel with his eyes
Stories to children under no moonlight
To forge them even deeper into slavery
To wait in exclusion until the beat ends.
Freedom and success at last, hear its tune
A soul sways, floats beyond the tunnel’s light.

The Tunnel.

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