Tag: Nigerian poets

Away from Agnes

Sitting here with my lady PaulaI see a familiar dance of persuasionLooking fixedly from a distance, my mouth is agapeThe way Agnes moves above the hips yet againHer physique communiqué is on […]

The Tunnel

It seemed near, almost there, a little more. The realisation of emptiness were glaring omissions. The colourless environment, the shivering cold settles. Clearer, yet moonless, a nightmare, a lost dream. Impossible is all around, wash thy eyes again. Forsake this flight, profound feelings of anxiety. Let us wait for a miracle, we remain still.

Blood Red Money

A River Blood Bank BledBled Out The Color Of Our TransgressionsA River Blood Bank BledBled As Whips Of Our Imperfections Stained His SkinA River Blood Bank DrownedDrowned In Misery And PainTo cast […]