He stretched his right hand towards her. “What is going on?” She still hadn’t uttered a word but her mind was a jumble of incoherent thoughts.

He gave a crooked smile, beautiful in its imperfection “Hi my name is Ade” then looked down pointedly at the outstretched hand. She also stared at the outstretched hand, not saying a word still. “Hi I’m Julia” her cousin broke her trance and took the proffered hand, “sorry about my cousin, her name is Teniola, she’s a deaf-mute”

“No I’m not!” she finally found her tongue

what is wrong with you” she threw Julia a quick disapproving look

It’s a miracle! She speaks!” said Ade.

Julia laughed but the laugh was cut short by the dirty look Teni threw her way.

I noticed you are about the only two ladies not dancing . . . please dance with me” he stretched out the hand once again.

This time Teni took the hand without realising it. It was as though she were floating, everything and everyone faded into the background. Somewhere in her sub-conscious she was wondering “Am I in love? But I don’t even know this guy . . . his name is Ade. . . but that is all I know


Then they started dancing, without actually realising it, she lay her head on his shoulder and then jerked in back “Is it even a slow song?” she asked herself.

Yes it is but not slow enough” She couldn’t remember much of the actual dance nor the songs that played, but she would not forget how good it felt in a hurry. She didn’t even remember dropping her head unto his shoulder again

Do you want to take a stroll? Get to know each other better” his deep voice could barely be heard above the loud music but she nodded. She wanted to do anything this human being wanted to do. He held her by the hand and gently pulled her towards the hall entrance.

The fresh air brought her back to reality as she realised that she did not know a thing about her partner other than his name.

But I think I am in love” she thought

No you are not you idiot, you don’t know him”

“Well I like him and I promised myself I was going to go all the way tonight

More than two voices were arguing in her head. They were now standing in the shade of one of the several trees surrounding the venue. It was a dark and secluded part of the grounds. She suddenly felt his lips on hers, she was going to open her mouth in protest but he must have taken her open mouth as an invitation to go further. He probed the inner recesses of her mouth with his tongue. The feeling was out of this world for her and she completely let go and leaned into him.Then he dropped his hand to her right breast and she froze, jerked her head away and staggered back a few steps.

I am so sorry , I ermm…” he cleared his throat and reach out to her. She took a few more steps backwards and then turned round as she half walked half ran back towards the music.



Morning mum” The twins had just come down to breakfast, Julia was already dressed for work, her food was mainly untouched, and although her face was carefully made up, her children could tell from her red and puffy eyes that she was up most of the night crying.

“Mum are you okay?” asked an obviously worried Kenny while his twin looked on with as much concern

“Is it about your cousin . . . in the picture?

Julia looked as though she was about to break into fresh tears, but the look on her face was an angry one.”

Don’t worry mum she’s in a better place” said Tai just as their dad walked in.

Morning boys” he tried to sound cheery but it was obviously forced.

Hey hun, I’m ready when you are

You haven’t had your breakfast” she said without looking up from her plate.

No appetite this morning” he said lightly

Eat your breakfast” the response was issued through gritted teeth.


Femi sat down and choked most of the food down while the twins stared bewildered from one parent to the other. The sadness they understood but anger?

Kenny why is she so angry?

She’s sad, just sad. . .” Kenny trailed off thoughtfully

No, I can feel a lot of anger from her towards dad

Kenny just stared at the opposite wall. Tai sighed deeply and fell back on his bed.

Stay tuned for episode 5 next week Friday.

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