The Age Factor: Women, what is wrong with age 30 and 35?


When she was a teenager, she wanted to be thought of as older, as senior girls seemed elegant, fashionable, smart and independent. Now that she is really older, youthful women appear more stylish, sophisticated, trim and attractive. A woman never really stresses much about her age until she reaches age 30 or 35. To suddenly realise you are 30 or 35 years of age is almost like a physical blow and when they become aware of it, they begin to show or feel embarrassment from shame or lack of self-confidence. Hence, a wholly inconsequential sin of lying about their ages becomes a number on a woman’s menu.

It is no news that women have a problem divulging their real age or even talking about it. When asked to reveal their real age most women find it very difficult and when the inquirer press on the age issue, some women get very offended because he/she should not have asked the question in the first place, as her age seems to be nobody’s business. To these women, asking about her age is the same as, for example, enquiring how many sexual partners she have had.

It is said that “Getting a woman to tell you their real age is as
difficult as convincing her that just one selfie is good enough.


Tales abound of men who do not know exactly how old their girlfriends or even wives are and stories have been told of some female celebrities, despite being public figures, nobody knows their actual age. Even if she is rumoured to be in her early 40s she still creates the impression that she is in her late 20s, by either celebrating her 29th birthday for four years consecutively or openly lying about it! However, not all women hide or lie about their age. Although, the many who tell, lie through their teeth and they do it without even bating an eyelid, because men tend to be very judgmental and since they do not like being judged, they become so sensitive and secretive about these information.

Also, while others are fixed on several remedies to enhance ageing, some women look young enough to lie about their age, looking young enough to hold true to her claims. Her ageless looks serve well to conceal the truth and the slogan “Forty is the new thirty”, stays true to her appearance. Hence, keeping others guessing and in awe of her ageing beauty.


While others think lying about her age is out of low self-esteem and lack of achievements, some think it is merely an influenced choice due to ageing factors and the unfavourably outcomes present in the society. An ageing woman becomes marginalised, treated as a minor with an increased risk of abuse and neglect. With regards to childbirth, a woman’s fertility starts to decline in her early 30s, with the decline speeding up after 35. In the workplace, she is being passed over for promotions and untimely sacked to make room for younger female employees. In education, women with undergraduate degree are most desirable to men than women with post-graduate degrees. And because women after 30 are more interested in commitment than ever before, men use this as a circumstance to elevate themselves to a superior and more favourable position even when their presence is pointless.

When priorities begins to change, biological realities are setting in, a woman in her thirties tend to focus on finding someone with whom she can build a life and have children. And this my friend becomes her hardest reality and portal to destruction. Because society discriminates against this particular group of women, they are forced to make conscious or unknowing decisions that are mostly connected to this seemingly unfavourable age. Hence, age becomes a factor to a simple conclusion. Some say that the fear of age 30 and 35 is the beginning of a behaviour that shows a lack of good sense of judgment. She literally runs into total oblivion with or without a starting signal or a prepared course, acquiring regrettable actions and accounting for as many mistakes as possible.


Although, lifestyles, genetics, environments and nutrition are elements said to weaken the gross misrepresentation of ageing between genders, men are still considered to be in the same degree as to a fine wine that increases in worth with age, because it is said that they respond well to physical and mental ageing. Men become venerable, whereas women turn out to be vulnerable as they age. There is no question that men and women physically age differently and their sense of thought and reasoning takes an entirely different form, this is why “age” is not expected to mostly favour a particular gender of a society.

Also, it is no secret in a society that is obsessed with physical appearance, that women fight a battle to stay relevant as they reach middle age. So as not to lose romantic relationships and job opportunities, be disrespected or labeled as old-fashioned, most ladies in their thirties struggle as much as possible to fit into a younger girl’s clothing or significantly reduces her age. Age-reduction has become a worldwide phenomenon for women approaching their thirties, due to the difficulties middle age presents. Even though the public is aware that a woman’s age is the single biggest factor affecting her fertility, as her chance of having a child or healthy baby is much lower when she is above 35 years, it is however not a strong determinant for a decrease in value or capabilities.


While some of these lying women try as much as possible to look and act younger, others spend their years studying how people make decisions and pursuing careers which bring them the most satisfaction. Also, with fewer potential partners to choose from, some have become increasingly frustrated with dating, while others with decreased desirability become very aware of dating and courtship.

Lying about your age makes younger women think that there is something terribly wrong with being older. Therefore, it is not mandatory to fib about or conceal your exact age. When you are in your 30s or 40s, there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of, because it is actually a great deal. One of the most important adjustment in your 30s is being more set on your values and preferences. Hence, caring about what you really want out of life. Another major accept of growing older is how much easier it is to forgive yourself and make amends, and you will have interesting stories to tell of friendships, adventures, romance, opportunities and relinquished habits. In your 30s, chances are you have already had a few relationships, so for this reason you are often much more direct on the values you want in a person and what types of behaviours you will and will not tolerate.


In addition, just as men in their 30s tend to date much more younger women, you also have the choice to date younger men, since the dating pool has notably shrunk and you will have another choice of dating older potential men. Lastly, if your appearance is youthful, you become significant in both the girlish and mature world. Hence, perceived as more fun with many expectations.

Shine on ladies, you are in it to win!

X pj

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