Heed the voice of I who speak
For to love is to die
To love is to birth
No option more, No choice less
Choose your type and move into the arena
For you can forge without the other.

For a man comes along the way
Should he be put down
Banished to oblivion
Scarified for attempt
Brainwashed to connive.

For a woman moves closer
Should she be violated
Seized for persecution
Robbed of her future
Labeled for mockery

What affection were you taught
A feeling of butterflies or orgasm
What love did you choose
A father’s way of life or a mother’s touch

Or the love that purifies every garden
There can only be one way, one direction.

For whatever you chose
At the end of the game
Attendance will be waiting
To die forever lost in destruction
But you cry for resurrection
Who will listen now for redirection.

Justice is served again
Cloths of many colours appear
Many have been decorated in them
Will I find you, did I see you there
I must walk my path alone
For I too have gotten what I deserve.

In Love with The Devil- Episode 13

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