In Love with The Devil; Episode 7

Nicole’s POV


I stared at her. Is she calling me a maid? Do I look like a maid to her? What the… Oh I get it my dressing makes me look like a maid. Well it is not like I’m proud of it. Ugh she’s so annoying, Honey bunch my foot.

She’s his girlfriend?, I feel like crying out loud.

Well she’s his type though blonde, big boobs, sexy butt, slim body, ugh I dislike her already.

She’s not a maid Stella, get your coffee yourself” Nina said, it seems she doesn’t like her either.

Nina” Bryan scolded

Ah! Well then who is she?


She’s Bryan’s assistant and she lives here, got a problem with that” Nina replied rolling her eyes rudely.

This time I and Bryan scolded “Nina stop” I looked over at him but he was glaring at Nina.

Hey it’s okay, where is the other one I need coffee I had a long day

I will say it again there is no maid in this house to attend to your needs so get what you want yourself” Nina said raising her voice.

Ni…” Bryan wanted to speak but Stella cut him off.

Listen you brat…” She coughed “I mean listen beautiful I don’t care about what you say I need my coffee and someone will have to get it for me, get that!” she said while flickering her hair and gesturing with her hand.



Nina go to your room now” Bryan said before Nina could talk back.


I said go” he yelled glaring at her. Nina ran up the stairs angrily.

Get her coffee Nicole

Wait what… I mean sirrr” I said why should I go? Is he crazy? No I won’t go.

I said. get. the. madam here her coffee” he said with gritted teeth glaring his grey eyes at me.

Ye…yes sir, ho…ho…how do you want it mam” I said staring at stupid Stella.

Black” she said without saying thank you.


I went into the kitchen, well Bianca went to get groceries and Nina is in her room, now who the hell will I talk my mind out to?. I guess only one person is left. Me.

She’s so annoying, gosh

Are you the new maid?” I asked, mocking Stella.

Get me coffee, sweetie, Honeybunch, ugh gross

I want it black, I wish I could spit inside the stupid black coffee” I said while stirring it.

I went back into the sitting room, when….holy fucking shit disgusting, ahhh.


I didn’t know what to do I was so angry, so jealous, so Arrgh!

Hmm hmm” I cleared my throat nervously, the two of them arrgh were stupidly busy making out in the living room, she was even on top of him. Oh now I really feel like crying. Seriously.

They both turn loose immediately.

Here is your coffee mam, I hope you enjoy it, I will just go to my room so you can continue, sorry to interrupt” I said without stammering and putting the cup of coffee down not knowing I made it spill.

She gasped but I ignored and left. I heard her say while walking on the stairs “what was that all about?

I need to shower” Bryan said.

Ohhhh well thanks for inviting me” I could hear a smile on her face, ugh disgusting…disgusting… disgusting.

I went to my room only to meet Nina sitting on the bed.

She looked very sad, she looked at me and said,”I don’t like her, she’s evil, she has this attitude that…that not only frightens me but gives me this…this really mad vibe that makes me wanna pull her hair out of her head” Nina was the complete opposite of me, from what I notice about her she’s strong, honest, beautiful, bold. I’m not saying I’m not beautiful, I just want to believe I’m strong and not stupid but the truth is I am, I’m stupid, I over think, jump into conclusions, I don’t even know how to defend myself. Nina was definitely talking about Stella. I walked towards her and sat beside her on the bed.


Nina no matter what she’s still older than you are you know, it was wrong of you to speak to her like that.

Yes I know, but I don’t care she deserves it. You know one time she tried to strangle my neck ’cause I didn’t take her bag out of her car for her and when Bryan showed up, she acted as if nothing happened

Oh my God did she do that?” I asked astounded.

Yeah, worse she’s the most annoying person I have ever met” well she’s sure not what I thought she was, strangle her?, that’s really weird.

Does Bryan know about this?” I asked.

Yes I told him, but he thinks I only made it up just so he wouldn’t date her anymore

Hmm” well it seems he’s so in love huh.

It’s weird though

Yeah very weird


No I’m not talking about Stella I’m talking about Bryan” Bryan, the call of his name made me jump, why does he affect me so much. I don’t want to fall for him, I want to forget him, but I don’t know why I just can’t. But I have to.

Then what about him?” I asked.

Well it just that when it comes to you he’s different, he is not such a bossy man, one time I went with him to his office and he was joking around with his employees, Bryan is more like a funny guy sometimes, he doesn’t even frown all the time, but with you he frowns and he’s not himself.

Really!” But why Bryan?, why are you so different with me?.


Bryan’s POV


So why don’t we have that shower?” Stella said flirtatiously while she was taking off my shirt.

But I don’t know why she didn’t turn me on anymore. I was angry but why? I seriously don’t know.

I held her hand placed it down slowly. ‘I’m done with you acting like God all the time

I remembered what Nicole said to me this morning. What is she doing to me. She was different this morning, from her cloths, the way she defended her self.

I’m not in the mood Stella” I said to her not really concentrating.

Don’t worry I’ll be leaving soon and I don’t care about the fucking pact

She’s leaving, no she can’t!

Stella frowned “Why huh? I just want to have a great time with you, I missed you honey” she said kissing my chest.

Listen Stella… Stella” ‘sorry to interrupt‘. Arrgh get out of my head.

You want me…hmm I know you do” she said taking my shirt off completely

Stop Stella, I …I need to rest okay” I said backing off. ‘So you can continue‘. It was like she was in my head. Oh fuck

Ugh are you telling me to leave?


This is because of that bitch right? Do you like her, is that why you are acting like this towards me.

What no… No don’t you ever say that

Then what wrong baby?” she said running her hands on my biceps.


I’m tired Stella

Well so sad, I really thought I would have a nice time with you, I guess I’ll get going now” she spanked my butt and took her bag. Stella is definitely crazy and fun to be with. But I couldn’t right now.

I went to my bathroom and removed my jeans.

Was she jealous?

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