Distraction looks like you
A distorted image of what seems perfect
appearing to be what you think you are or what you think you’re becoming
but not what you’re meant to be
Distraction thinks like you
A belief system that shades out truth
only embracing printings and paintings of what seems right
not what is of perfect excellence.

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Distraction is as deaf as you
hearkening only to loud yearnings
of what your flesh and five senses can appeal to
constantly drowning the voice of Him within
that’s there to liberate you
Distraction sees like you
From blindspots where visions choke
where targets become unreachable
From drown spots where goals can’t live, where Dreams go to die.
Distraction breathes like you
Always a minute away from the deathbed
Refusing to let eternity reside in you
Distraction is here to make sure you never reach
nor find the beauty of your person
because your sight is impaired to a greater light
Distraction would never let freedom find you and your dreams.
It holds you bound in strongholds of your mind,,your environment and your thinking process
by your feelings and your thought patterns
you have a mental illness that says you only live once
That’s why you can’t commit to eternity
because you’d rather have this moment
and let forever escape you
You’re too distracted to be saved
For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal
There’s far more than that which meets the eye
Let heaven fill your heart
Let eternity be in you
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you
The world is full of emptiness And it’s structural satisfaction is your soul
The system is predaceous,
your soul is the target preyed upon
Gratification is bait
Pleasure Is What attracts you.
Distraction never really looks like a problem,
never does it approach you as the enemy, Satan the devil
It just appears to be apple for your appetite
Porridge for your hunger
Leading to the loss of your birthright, Esau
your carnal mind has estranged you from God
but you’re too distracted to notice
It’s useless asking you to retrace steps you never remember taking
I’d have told you to find THE WAY
But HE already called and you weren’t listening.

We are super excited to present our second contributor, Napoleon K Pearl aka King Poleon @lastking_kingpoleon
Napoleon is a spoken word artist, engineer and creative director. The author behind “Distraction”, a spoken word poem and many more alike to come. His work will be available to read every Tuesday at 1pm WAT. Please stay tuned.

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