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In Love with The Devil; Episode 6

Nicole’s POV

Oh shit I’m going to loose my job. But I don’t care he really has to understand that he’s so rude and too bossy. I kept jogging as fast as I can although I don’t understand why I’m jogging I should be running.

I heard his feet also running behind. Darn I’m so dead, “Nicole stop” Bryan yelled his voice filled with anger making me shiver out of fear.

I felt a hand grab me and I was swung onto a huge body. Bryan held both my hand tight that I felt a sharp pain in my body “ouch Bryan you’re hurting me” I gasped realising I just called him by his name.


What was that about huh?” he yelled. His voice made me want to runaway far away from him. His body and my body were too too close. His forehead was touching mine and our lips were almost gracing each other. Oh my world! does this six feat tall handsome and with an amazing deep voice, very pink lips, grey eyes man knows that he’s affecting me badly? Shit! I want the earth to swallow me right away and not even think about vomiting me.

Oh Bryan I need to get over this stupid feeling I have for you.

W… what was what about” I said trying not to stutter again.

His grip tightened “don’t you ever speak to me like that again, got it!”

But you can definitely speak rudely to me and try to boss me around when we’re not in your company right” I wanted to say but I found myself forcing out the words “I am truly sorry sir I… I didn’t mean what I said” curse stammering. He was still close to close. Damn you handsome bodied man damn you Bryan wright you should have been named beast right. I thought.


Suddenly I heard a dog bark behind me, I looked behind me and saw a freaking big bulldog barking. Oh my God save my soul, forgive my sins but I don’t want to die yet. I did not realise I was screaming as I pulled Bryan in front of me. I am not putting his life at risk, he’s a man he won’t be scared of dogs.

To my surprise Bryan pushed me back to the front and yelled “are you mad? Are you trying to kill me?” I turn to look at his face but I didn’t know if I should be laughing or admiring the horrified look on his face.

What should we do” my head swung back to the dog as it backed angrily.

J… Just stay…” But then the dog moved closer “OH MY GOD RUNNN” Bryan screamed as we both wanted to turn and start running someone shouted.

NO DON’T RUN” it was a tall old man. Oh no not Mr Chris.

Trouble sit” the dog obeyed the old man and then he said “go home now” I was so relieved but I realised that Bryan still held on to me tightly.

Is it gone now” I said and then he loosened his grip immediately and adjusted himself, I could see how he was sweating profusely and had to stop my self from laughing at his cute expression. My overbearing boss is scared of a dog.

Biggie how are you doing?” Mr Chris asked while walking towards us.

I’m fine Mr Chris and you” Mr Chris as always been a cheerful man, still handsome even in his fifties with perfect abs, dark hair and glasses which made him look better.


I’m fine dear, I don’t see you around here anymore” he asked after pecking me

Yes, I don’t live here anymore” I said and then a sad look appeared on his face.

Well that’s good dear at least you wouldn’t have to….” he paused and looked at Bryan.

Uhm… Well er he is my boss, Mr wright and Mr wright meet Mr Chris

Bryan rudely rolled his eyes and jogged away. “Well he seem to be in a bad mood” Mr Chris said.


Oh biggie I’ve really missed you


Me too, how is your wife?” I asked not asking about his kids ’cause I know he doesn’t talk about them, maybe he doesn’t have kids. I used to think.

She’s fine, lovely and happy as always and she asks of you every time you know” I love how Mr Luis talks about his wife, it is evident he really loves her. “And well it is good you left your stepparents, you’re free and that is what you have always wanted right?” he continued.


So were are you living now maybe I could come visit

Er…wellll” I said scratching my hair.

Bryan’s POV

Darn it! Darn it! Damn it! Screw you Nicole no…er… Ugh whatever.


I won’t let you affect me Nicole, no way! First it was that sexy perfect body of yours coming out of the house majestically. Damn! I felt like grabbing your skinny body and kissing your pink lips so badly, and then it was when our lips were close, really close I had to fight the fucking urge of kissing those lips and your eyes that eyes it was beautifully brown and jeez it…it felt like I’ve seen those eyes before, I don’t know but I’ve seen your charming eyes before. Mr Chris, Mr Chris ugh he even pecked her in front of me.

Oh my God! I hate this woman I’m talking about. Ugh!!

Before going back I went into a coffee shop and started thinking about everything that happened.

I came into the house and suddenly I looked up and someone hugged me immediately.

Honeybunch I’ve missed you so much” holy shit! This cannot be happening, no! my day couldn’t have gotten any worse. Why the hell is she here? When did she come back? Damn it all to hell ugh.


She kissed me on the lips unexpectedly, my eyes widened realizing Nina was standing in front starring at us.

Honey I’m back, finally it so great to be back you know, I couldn’t stand being without you sweetie” Stella said excitedly with a huge grin plastered on her face.

I looked away, looking back up my eyes caught Nicole walking down the stairs. How did she get back here before me? Oh I stopped at a coffee shop. Now she’s back in her old attire. Ew

Ah yeah I missed you too honey
I took a glimpse at Nicole and I saw her eyes widen. Exactly what I wanted.

Ohhh you, you’re surprised right I just wanted to surprise you. I came in a moment ago” Stella said walking us in.

She sat on the coach and I did too. Not looking at her I took my phone out of my pocket. The only reason I’m dating Stella is because of my company, she is the owner of fifty percent of the shares. The highest owner.


Oh are you the new maid? Please get me coffee” I heard Stella say. Which new…. I looked up and saw she was referring to Nicole.

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