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The Unhappy Wife- All is settled (Season 1, Episode 8)

“Sam, Sam,” Lucia cries out later that night. She has been knocking on the door for over an hour. In fear, she had to drive to the postoffice where she kept valuables and a spare key to the house.

“Sam are you okay” she enquires, shaking and then lifting her up from the floor and into their bed. Sam was not responding. As she laid on the bed Lucia checks her pulse again and it was responsive. Since there was no cause for alarm Lucia then decides to tuck her properly into bed before slightly leaving the door open behind her. With a worried face, she descends the stairs into the living area and straight towards the bar were she picks up a bottle of cognac and a glass. Moving as though she was a hitchhiker, tired Lucia collapses into the three seater sofa that was placed at the centre of the living area. Regrets had reorganised her face at this point when she opens the cognac and pours an unreasonable amount into her glass. Lucia gulps it at once just as she would a shot of tequila. With her back rested on the sofa and hand still holding on to the glass, she stagers into the world of dreams. What will she find in there.

The next morning, Samantha walks down the stairs to see Lucia through the window having tea by the garden with Paul seated by her side. She wonders what they were talking about as she pours herself some green tea from the tea pot. She wanted to join them but then decides at the very last minute to stay put in the kitchen. Feeling a bit weird from last night, she tries as hard as possible not to think as much as she did when she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth earlier on that morning. Samantha just wanted to seat down by herself, but halfway into her tea time Lucia walks right into her.

“How do you feel this morning” she asked
“I am fine” sam responds quietly,
“Are you sure" she says pulling a seat closer to her,
Not wanting to be disturbed, “I am okay” she murmurs.

Seated in front of a gloomy and quiet Samantha, Lucia starts to suggest why she thinks they should move to the city. Her suggestions were to sell the house and never return to the neighbourhood again. She further apologised for not being a good partner and the times were she never apologised for her wrong doings. Then she asked Sam if she had experienced or noticed anything strange about the house and sam’s response was a quick “NO”. She refused to speak on what she had seen, but agreed to move away with Lucia.

On hearing her say “yes, we should move away”, Lucia jumps on her feet in delight, hugging and kissing her wife like a lost and found priceless coin.

After their conversation, Lucia welcomed sam into her arms during the rest of the day. They laughed and smiled, made jokes and cursed one another with naughty words, which sent sexual signals down their spines. “I am going to crack you open like a nut and drink from your core” Lucia whispers in sam’s ears during dinner, where they shared several glass of red sparkling wine. They had become in the mood to explore their sexual habits. This feeling was more than the simple touches they had from time to time. It seemed as though two forbidden lovers had found themselves naked in the wilderness.

After sharing a toast to new beginnings, hand-in-hand Sam and Lucia escorted themselves to the bed room, fondling with their privates as they climb the stairs. Lucia teased Sam even more by biting her nipple as she approaches the bathroom door, where Lucia was already without cloths and ready for to shower.

Stop!”, Sam yells with excitement, pushing Lucia’s head away from her bosom.
“I am going to make you scream tonight”, Lucia say’s eagerly then laughs at her pretentious gesture.

While Lucia was taking a quick shower, Sam sets the mood just as she turns on the music player by the corner of the sink. As the soothing music serenaded the bathroom, she swayed her hips gently to the rhythm, whistling away as though everything in her life was perfect. In the moment, her clits twitches uncontrollably to the flattering lyrics which celebrated love and a woman’s body. Samantha could not wait to be fondled with and kissed at her favourite spots. This was dead into the night.

X pj

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A written series of tense thriller which explores the world of a lesbian who finally discovers the soul which she had birthed from paranoia and, severe mental and physical pain. The empty window which she had confided in had a surprising revelation for her, which would also leave you astonished.

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