Next 4 Years; what will the “Next Level” bring.



As I watched the inauguration ceremonies of my president and some other governors around the country, “what next” was the unwavering question in my mind. Seeing that it is of crucial importance to us to evolve into a modern industrial economy and, transform into a sophisticated and relatively prosperous nation, I supposed similar thoughts had flooded the minds of other Nigerians who patiently sat and watched.


Corruption, an epidemic which has riddled the governance in Nigeria and terrorism, an insurgency which significantly increased the sum of displaced people and death toll has been overly emphasised by many reports, commentators and news agencies. Therefore, I see no reason why I should continue to recount the last four years, since we physically and mentally witnessed the outcomes. Nevertheless, I will write on behalf of the weak, the children, the elderly, the unemployed, the displaced, the physically challenged and the vulnerable. A quick note on the expectations of the weakest genre of the population.


In the next four years, will people become wealthier, healthier, better educated and enjoy quality housing? Will the government impede the flow of an increase in standards of living or should we hope for longer life expectancy?. What is the “Next Level” promising?. These unanswered questions, incredible level of poverty and many more are some of the regrettably reasons why suicide is on an all time high.


We plead as one people asking that the welfare for widows, scholarships for students, retirement and disability pensions, contractual obligations, civil servant salaries and gratuities should be paid in due time. We stand as one asking that the resources of the people will be fully dedicated to attaining the immediate and long term needs of the masses and not for a selected few. Hence, chop off the well-heads of corruption.


The fight against corruption must certainly go on, but the wave of insecurity; public unrest, terrorism, barbaric killings, banditry, police brutality and disorderliness must be aggressively battled and eventually tamed. A crisis which needs effective leadership, clear decisiveness, precise directions and resolution to bring benefactors and perpetrators to justice.


On the other hand, modern and sustainable infrastructural investments are key aspects to substantial economic growth. Therefore, we are hoping that president Muhammadu Buhari continues to pursue basic physical and organisational structures and facilities needed for operations. A lager proportion of public funds should be committed to buildings, amenities, equipment and places so as to benefit schools, roads, bridges, railways, seaports, airports, power, hospitals, waterways and many others.


Besides crude sales, the continuing government must persist in and encourage foreign investments, agriculture, SME’s, ICT, taxation, transportation, exportation, solid minerals, pop-culture, public-private partnership and other sources of revenue and relationships. We are eagerly hoping for bold diversification of the economy in the next four years and not in the distant future.


Nigeria is a country brimming, overflowing with unimaginable wealth and we all, her beloved children have a right to eat from her tree. We are yet again pleading to Mr president, do not deny that little boy and girl, the people who lack influence, the sick, older citizens and marginalised groups their inheritance and life. It is only fair that the citizens enjoy the fruit of the land. Do not cast us away.


One Nigeria.

X pj

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