In the mind of a homophile

When I discern homophiles minding their business along the path to life, I run along in my stilettos without pulling my nose. Never judging them as I have had gay friends at some point in my life and the ones who I have encountered were such sweethearts. However, I still try to understand the whole “refiguring themselves” shocking. At what point did a homophile’s sense of identity not correspond with previous genital or gender assigned to them at birth. In secret I ponder on their state of mind, their mental picture as a whole. His sensory factory must have been through hell and beyond during the times he kept hidden the new found realisation of himself. Sometimes, I wish I could walk through or see a glimpse of the chaos and then submerge into the transformation process if victorious. What or who would I want to be if I hated being female or thought my soul was in a different body and what will I have to give up if I said a big “NO” to the affixed titles of the world?.

Some are of the opinion that the principles governing procedures must be followed in sequence for orderliness in a society, so as to align with the habitual pattern of the earth. Whereas, libertarians advocate only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens. Therefore, if he is saying that he knows better than our founding fathers, better off a woman than a man, then he should be given the opportunity to play dresses and lipsticks as much as he wants. Exploring the boundaries of a fixed world allows him to further liberate himself from a title which was administered at birth, a gender he no longer accepts. 

However, homosexuals who finally deliver themselves into being a woman most likely find a huge void when they become free from gender imprisonment. After transitioning into a woman, most struggle with what a female person is associated with, either in an activity, occupation or a particular place. They often become entangled in complicated circumstances from which it is difficult to escape and clueless on how to deal with the world in this new form. Hence, they may not want the state of being female in the nearest or far future. The lose of identity and confusion often leads transgenders into temporary or minor problems- isolation, depression and maybe suicide, since a place of emptiness turns a human mind into nothing. 

If you are tough enough to ply the homosexual route, you must be tougher to withstand the constant, immeasurable and frightening pressure from a fascinated crowd -Jecinta Powell.

Regardless, I must applaud transgenders who fight alone with bravery, armoured in self-love and determination as a shield. If you ask me what I think, I would say homophile’s who publicly say “I AM GAY” especially the famous ones are indeed superhero’s to themselves. Even though they are recognised as a major social problem, I see a person who fought tirelessly and finally downplayed a socially-structured mind. It takes a lot of guts and courage to fight against the norm. A whole lot of nerve to refuse what the society identifies a person as. This is not just standing against one’s immediate community, it is opposing the general point of view and attitude to life, and also the standards here on earth.

Hypocrisy and judgement are the founding fathers of our society today, yet we act as though we are not its vessels -jecinta powell. 

Self-realisation is what is at play here in being gay. The very thing [wholesomeness] so many people never find on earth. We hear of gay priests and prominent homosexual rulers living life on their terms, but yet condemn supporters and admirers for following a similar path due to sanctimoniousness. We must decide to liberate and uplift our minds from the societal hole in which it currently resides. Just as one decides to redraw from a particular religion to another, which he or she see’s befitting to his newly acquired outlook, then a person can as well change his name, gender, colour, body specification and others. Changing his gender and joining the female umbrella does not mean his life is going to be any better. Gay youngsters should know that it might be emotionally richer in a manner which is characterised by intense feelings, but it will certainly not be physically better as there is no human life, either male of female that is pleasing without hiccups. You just might be worse off, especially if you do not handle it well.. 


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