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2019 Elections; Do we have credible presidential aspirants or are we stuck with political prostitution.


Who are the aspirants for the presidential seat? and which one of them is credible enough to seat on the people’s chair. Previous leaders seeking to achieve political ascendancy from this chair should take several seats at the back of their party truck, as these elites have only championed the course of the downtrodden masses in the North and the South. This time around it is not business as usual. Money should not be a factor neither should state of origin or gender be used in choosing a party bearer for the office of president. We are all in agreement that an efficient and devoted president, with a morally good political strong intension in coexistence with an accountable legislature can change the fate of Nigeria. Therefore, factors such as Vibrant, Competent, Credible, Compelling, Unconstrained, One-of-a-kind and Attentiveness at most, should be considered when choosing a flag bearer.

Giving consideration to credible candidates, where are the women? If there are capable women for presidential aspirants, will political parties allow and encourage them to pick its ticket?. Party officials must understand that this position is not exclusive to men alone, therefore women should not be overawed and discouraged from running for office and if this position is given to them, women should not decline, opting for lower responsibilities or taking back seats. Appointing a women for such a masculine position does not signify failure beforehand or will the idea lack the ability to draw the necessary resources to function effectively during the campaign.

Also, the idea of giving money and gifts to the public, as a method to win elections should be highly discouraged, seeing that it only shows the height of desperation to win elections for personal gains. Instead of the usual unpleasant surprises that comes with throwing money around, aspirants in conjunction with their party members should secure plausible and sustainable methods of developing the state. A plan when presented, will be so convincing that even if people take other candidates  money, they will still vote for the candidate who have passionately derived a better future plan for them and their loved ones. That being said, my advise to aspirant is to flush out previous tackling techniques and routines, pull out a new drawing board of possibilities that are expected to achieve maximum productively with minimum wasted efforts and expenses. Do something different this time around. But, if they have willingly come again to persuade, woo, confuse or fool as measures to seek support from the masses in the name of protecting public interest, then they have already lost the battle to the incumbent.

Up to this point, the proceedings which were perceived as stronger than ever have become weaker. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is struggling with identify crisis, while the All Progressive Congress (APC) members are fighting internally, a dispute which is formed on the premise that the party does not recognise, protect or support its members. This reasons and other factors have permitted prominent members of the APC to decamp from the party, leaving to further their political ambitions in other parties, with a majority absconding to PDP, the former entity which housed their political ambitions. The surprising ever-breaking news of party members running back and forth from one political party to another have enabled the rise of a “political prostitution” scenario. These postulated sequences and developments from government personnel has ignited the state of unworthy or corrupt use of one’s political power for personal or financial gains.

These political prostitution setbacks has caused a stir in the political environment, conditions were political group upholders can no longer confirm the support of its members. Instead betrayal, fear, depreciating confidence, blackmail, bribery, intimidation and abuse of power now looms the sudden thick fog amongst government officials seeking to participate in the next election. An annoyingly shameful circumstance that seems not to be subsiding anything soon. Due to the many redirection and confusion, it has become evident that this will be the most unusual election ever witnessed in Nigeria. A general election which will lack order and one so difficult to understand, owing to the seeming injudicious circumstances, unfortunate consequences and unfavourable conclusions which political prostitution will enable.

So far, APC and President Buhari has been allegedly accused of raping democratic values and constitutional ethics, and favourably melding in the affairs of electing candidates of the APC, into prominent seats in the already concluded elections and vowing to intimidate the Peoples Democratic Party in the ongoing elections. Some PDP and defected APC members have raised several alarms of intimidation, misuse of public funds and wrong use of power. Claims such as oppressing, manipulating and threatening aspirants, by either shutting down their funding means, confiscating mandates or illegally arresting those who are willing to conduct their civic rights.


If these claims are true and are not just a political name-shaming game, then I am highly disappointed in his administration and what APC stands for. I remember when APC was on the other side of the boat, implementing every viable technique to attain power. I just hope they are not willing to cross the ocean barefooted to retain power, as this will be a breach of what democracy stands for. If they are going to run this election in the same manner which they rebuked GEJ’s administration for practising, then they truly do not stand for anything. This would only conclude that the party members are clearly partial with an absence of compassion for the prosperity of Nigeria, a decorated sham of con artistes who are only after their personal gains. We are watching.

The highest seat in the land and the affairs of our country is not a family business discussed and applied in a persons bedroom or seating area, neither should it be treated with favouritism by a selected few. The position for president is not meant for any particular person, ethnicity, religion, caucus or friendly circle. It is a seat meant for anyone who the society thinks is credible for the job. Hence, the current administration should allow the people decide, instead of taking matters into their own hands.

Although, these claims of intimidation cannot be fully dismissed since the present governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, who really thinks politics is a family business has positioned his son in-law to be the next governor of the state. A slight evidence which shows that some members of the APC are adamant to misuse power in the next election. However, if these accusations are untrue in a much wider spectrum, then opposition party members have to devise new strategies on how they intend to reclaim or chair this exalted position instead of crying like a baby. Like I said earlier in my previous post vote with passion,

“If other political parties continues to wheel forward its grey-headed arsenal, divide, play ping-pong and continue with the trivial quarrels and name shaming, then our obnoxious leaders will be ours again to feed, clean their poo and wear a diaper, if there are no credible candidates for 2019.”

Anyway, the glaring exploits and misuse of power during elections is not new in this part of the world. As May 2019 draws near, personal interests, cunning schemes and plan of actions will be applied by one group or the other in an attempt to capture power from President Muhammadu Buhari. The south-south and eastern part of the country are clamouring for a power shift to the region and offering various rationale on why they should be allowed to produce the next president. These sectionalist are claiming to be victims of political elitism, since they have lost relevance within the confines of Nigerian political game and capitalizing on the issue of political marginalisation of the two geo-political zones.

Hopefully, high-tech mechanisms will finally reduce the act of sectioning aspirants and rigging elections in the nearest future. The benefits of the application of scientific knowledge for the physical purpose of conducting elections will further produce a power-shift towards the general public. Only then will it make common sense to aspirants seeking political ascendency, that they most invest time in assembling sustainable plans in order to properly convince the people, for the reason being that the public would now have the ability and preponderance to decide and elect candidates into government positions.

Thank you.

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