Lagos Living; The African City that is supposed to be Named Twice.

The city bright and beautiful, the home of celebrities, aristocrats, legends and financial institutions, the pride of Nigeria that is Lagos, a city conceived before Nigeria was formed. A state which is expected to be named twice as New York is, because of the people’s round the clock hustle and bustle, chronic night life and luxury taste in fashion and fast cars. Where hotels and hospitality is at its peak, a commercial marketplace where entrepreneurs thrive and a region where dreams materializes. A destination taken or seen to be a successful journey when announced to friends and family members across other parts of the country, especially in villages. When Lagos is the New York of Africa, then tell me why anyone would want to return to their indigenous states, which look as though time took a long holiday. Runs-away*


One thing I love about Lagos is that it fits all budgets. From roadside foodstuffs to secondhand cloths markets on almost every street, one is sure to survive. However, the bad road network and lack of other effective means of transportation has caused a failure to make the best use of time and resources, depriving the people from achieving maximum productivity and hereby making it very complicated for a person to commit to a more financially sustainable life. Also, due to substandard criss-cross highways, proximity has been exploited heavily in the aspect of competition between business ventures. Hence, has promoted inflated prices of goods and services, and the continuous lack of customer service.

Another aspect of Lagos inefficiency is the lack of proper security personnel and measures for acquiring properties, system of taxation and drainage channels. For a heavy weight city to prosper, we have to pay out taxes and the state government has to restructure the police force. For a futuristic city to develop rapidly, the setbacks relating to native owners and documentation for acquiring land and housing properties must be adequately revisited, and for a city of excellence to be well inhabited, the problems with flooding and erosion should be efficiently tackled.

Aside from the little but very important difficulties, Lagos is a city that does not joke with its festive lights during christmas. Did i just say that? oops! yes i said it. Anyway, the city has restaurants from diverse countries, whether traditional or foreign, the food comes in juicy tastes that hits all tastebuds. A coastal city with seaports that removes the barriers associated with importation and exportation. A place filled with vast intellectual minds and rational thinkers.

I love my Lagos, oh! what about the beaches?, lovely!, depends on the one you go to though. Lately the water waves are being decorated with fancy boats, skiing activities and a whole lot more. Did i mention that it is a place with diverse tribes which promotes music and fashion, an untapped revenue by other states. How about the inhabitants? Well the people are really hard to tell since they are from many tribes, but one thing I am sure of is that the people are committed to hard work, the hustle here is as real as the sun, and the “flash me I flash you” syndrome of living is as present as mosquitos.


Also, another thing that is certain of the people of Lagos, is their highly judgemental attitude and the willingness to compete at every opportunity, even during daily commute. Motorist, especially private car owners have to be prepared for the commercial bus drivers and Okada riders that have the ultimate power to make your beautiful life a living hell on your daily commute to work or wherever you seem to be off to.

Anyway, what is there not to love about Lagos when you get accustomed to the life here. You either associate with the movers and shakers in different industries or you tag along with the “look me I look you” judgmental kind, a not so favourable alliance. Which way to go dear? in my city that is Lagos, Lagos. Laughs*

Wishing you an interesting weekend.

X pj.

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  1. Fixing the transportation issue in Lagos make the city a better place. The potentials are existent, I agree with you.
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