The ultimate reason why men make money

Men do not make money because they really need it and if they do have to make money, it will be of a minimum amount without any desire to acquire too much of it. Come to think of it, how much does it take to cut his hair and beard? how much are his underwear garments?. He does not need to shave his legs but to only brush his teeth before taking a bath and if he was going to spend money for what he really needs aside from groceries, he would only buy his alcohol and cigars or cigarettes, that is if he partakes in any of the above mentioned. One then wonders why they work tirelessly to achieve the luxuries of life when they do not really require that much and were does all the money a man makes go to?. Well, they labour with great effort to acquire a state of considerable comfort or elegance because of the members of the gentle sex.


Aside from taking care of his child or children, that is if he has any, he spends majority of his income on his woman. A woman has to wear fancy cloths, beautify her hair, nails and face, buy expensive jewelries to match every outfit, secure the latest accessories, cloths, handbags, shoes, underwear garment, makeup and cosmetics, visit the spa, massage parlours, dentist and gynaecologist, change cars, travel on breathtaking destinations, service her home and, attend functions and lunch dates with girlfriends, alongside the dates they both enjoy. All expenses paid on his bill even if he does not partake in any of the activities. A dedication which mostly brings an end to his money and a realisation that keeps his feet on the ground all day. The same way Adam wanted to eagerly please Eve with a request which got him into trouble is still the bondage of her desires in which he is committed and loyal to till this day. A purpose which keeps him up from the early hours of the morning and late into the night.

The ultimate reason why an adult human male make money or seek any sort of validation is because of the opposite sex, be it his mother, wife, girlfriend or sister. He will not have to get an education, wear expensive cloths, seat for a manicure and pedicure, build castles, buy luxurious cars or have any tendency to desire and acquire power or stardom. Why then does he push for all this? because of that pleasant lady on the other side of the street of whom he has been hoping to reach a status before he can approach her. He feels the need to be cool enough to talk to her and when he does, he would be desirable in her eyes.

A man mostly decides to be reputable, rich and recognised, if he has a woman to impress or desires a particular kind of lady, since he knows that until he fits the kind of man which is appealing to such a woman, only then will she give him an eye when he calls for her attention. All these essentials are expected to enable a woman check or prove the qualities of him being logically or factually sound, a condition of being precisely the right man for her. If not for these facts, men would comfortably roam the jungle as wide beasts, hunting animals and plucking leaves for daily bread. He would rather walk around in an unwashed boxers with overgrown hair, practically doing nothing and just taking life easy like the others.


Unquestionably, a life without the female gender would have been much easier to deal with. The absence of unnecessary struggles, competition and acquisition will make the world a much more uncomplicated place for these boys, but it would have certainly been a less enjoyable existence. Unknowingly for men, this ultimate motivation to acquire wealth for a woman’s validation has put them in a confinement where they have to compete with their fellow men. As he now has to strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over other men.

However, the primary reason to acquire wealth or validation is not necessarily a wrong decision. One cannot completely rule against it, as the motivation also allows men to desire the things that they want and need for themselves. The idea of giving makes them wealthier and that is why they will continually be above woman, heading a home as always, since the treasures and rewards kept aside for a helper mounts him on a pedestal above the recipient or beneficiary.

Men are believed to be favoured more than women because the society knows he is expected to take care of certain responsibilities that are wrapped around women. This is why the issue of feminism is very difficult to ascertain. The idea that an organisations pay higher wages to men is as a result of his perceived duty and not an act that was deliberately initiated against women. We will speak about this issue in great length in another article.


Back to what we were on about. His achievements gets him to a certain realisation were he begins to love himself due to self worth. Due to the many advantages and significance of what wealth presents, most men now become an alpha male provider who has a trailer load of ego on his shoulders, a type demanding respect at all cost and making a statement wherever he goes. Nevertheless, the many difficulties in which the affluence and riches brings, unfortunately allow some men fall victims of illegal acts, incarcerations, death and, physical and mental illness. Some at a very young age develop high blood pressure on account of the fact that they cannot keep up with her desires, while others risk it all just to acquire substance and attain a higher position in the society.

The men who are sensible enough, who know their capabilities do not push their limits. They are fully aware of what their shortcomings are and what their abilities can handle. Therefore, they do not bother to chase women who are out of their league. Preferably dismissing her kind in his mind, just in other for him to sleep well at night, without any worry accompanying him to his dreams, even if he desperately wants her. At the end of the day, whatever he chooses to do with himself all in the name of attaining wealth for whatever purpose, he would receive the rewards and also have himself to blame if all does not go according to plan.


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