Nigeria; Vote with passion. A move to piece Humpty-Dumpty back together again, come 2019.

Elections are fast approaching and it is only normal to review the status of our nation in a more sympathetic manner, from individual to leadership issues. Over the years we the people of Nigeria have failed her, after she had given us unending natural resources to boost our economy- providing basic amenities for us her citizens. An oil producing state with fertile ground for agriculture, yet the majority live in abject poverty. This was never her plan for us, rather a manmade disaster. Instead of her offsprings to make her proud, we continue to give her a terrible name amongst her peers. How long will she continue to cry on behalf of her prodigal sons and daughter. How much longer can she bare the pain and suffering we inflict on her, a country who love’s us so dear. Now her disaster list continues to raise from the political sector to households.

With a monstrous list such as,
High unemployment rate, Near absence of education, Cultural division, Language barriers, Third class leaders, Cowardice, Stigmatisation, Domestic violence against women, Murder amongst spouse, Terrorism, Religious conflicts, Undocumented Rape, Increasing drug abuse, Forced and early marriages, Depression in marriages, Depression amongst youths, Increased Broken homes, Homeless children, Bogus projects, Dilapidated structures and infrastructure, Crumbling family structures, Absence of proper healthcare systems, Police brutality, Failed legal systems, Suppressed media, and the list goes on!

What will be her faith in the near future and what will be our fate when she can no longer support us. We are all in agreement that an efficient and devoted president, with a morally good political strong intension in coexistence with an accountable legislature can change the fate of Nigeria. But what we lack is Vibrant, Competent, Credible, Compelling, Unconstrained, One-of-a-kind and  Attentive leaders. Therefore, we have to vote a promising person to that office. The days when we do not care has to come to an end. We must give Nigeria back her name- “The Giant of Africa”, and when her name is restored our individual names are also reinstated because we bare her name by carrying her passport. She is our identification to the world and regardless of if you are amongst the wealthiest man on earth, your identity still stinks. Nigerians stay in the best hotels abroad, buy the most expensive luxury items and drive fast cars, but yet we are considered as a poor people from an underdeveloped country. Who are we deceiving?

Now her children flee through any means possible, even if it will cause them their dear lives and for those seeking refugee status in other well developed nations or getting married to a foreigner just to flee from their identity to receive the opportunities bestowed upon foreign citizens, you need to reevaluate your entire life. The opportunities here if well vested upon can propel you to much more greater heights than you can ever attain in those well developed nations. Why, because these countries have already been developed, almost if not all of their resources have already been utilised and positioned. So what you have there is a planned process which allows you to live and die within restrictions. But here, in one of Africa’s most sort after nations, there are new and many opportunities everywhere, untapped resources and favourable weather conditions. Rephrasing what Mr Aliko Dangote said,

Nigeria is one of the best-kept secrets and there is no right time to invest, as everyday is the right time.

All that is stoping us from progressing is the people we entrusted with our lives. The pyramid of corruption stands tall in our faces yet we ignore it daily. Instead, we fight our neighbours who are not the source of our problems. We must learn! The honest but bitter truth is that we have been unsuccessful in taking actions for a united foundation. Seeming as though we want a better future for ourselves, we form empty committees, pressure groups and youth associations without a direction, then fill political parties with obsequious people and later cry and complain for a minute like hypocrites. When we are expected to do or take appropriate measures, we immediately become partial, stereotyped and egocentric in selecting and voting in irresponsible individuals who will only serve their personal interests rather than a collective concern. You cannot be a radical in other aspects such as mundane gossips and yet assume a conservative stance when it comes to speaking about our third class leaders. I have noticed that the traffic between gossip blogs and traditional news is as long as the poverty gap between the rich and poor members of our society.

What are you demanding for? What are your benefits as a citizen? We should yearn for a “Leadership that studies yesterday, analyses today and prepares for tomorrow. Leadership that is fair, just and sincere. Leadership that feeds on the Scale of preference of the people not on personal opportunity cost. Leadership that focuses on the priorities and needs of the people not on Bogus projects that further impoverishes the people. Leadership that care about what their conscience tells them at night in the small corner of their beds, rather than the daily shouting of praises by their Sycophants on airwaves.”

If other political parties continues to wheel forward its grey-headed arsenal, divide, play ping-pong and, continue with the trivial quarrels and name shaming, our obnoxious leaders will be ours again to feed, clean their poo and wear a diaper, if there is no credible candidates for 2019. Is it that we lack promising candidates for these positions? Or is Nigeria not blessed with young men and women who can fit these descriptions? One who must be able to demonstrate the capacity to interpret both in the political and economic scope of our nation. One who can maintain sharp focus and accurate perception throughout an approach and attack, whilst helping us navigate through economic, social and political grounds. Unfortunately, those who are expected to forge our nation ahead, who have the right capacity, leadership skills, enviable strong character, precise focus and vision, continually fill a torn nylon with Eva water- talk and do nothing. You owe it a duty to offer yourself for public scrutiny in other to give Nigerians a better choice. Hence, refusing disgraceful leaders we have had no choice to elect in the past.

We look to God and he will deliver us despite our inherent weaknesses, accursed fears, petty divisions and monumental cowardice. However, we cannot continue to chant “in God we trust” when we are capably of forging a better future for ourselves and younger ones. Nigeria is desperately in need of patriotic citizens and better leaders at all levels. An administrative group who will embrace a positive paradigm shift towards new methods in which public institutions are set-up and the way people are governed. Also, citizens who are fed up of being bullied into a muddy hole to be fed stale bread and rotten milk, but willing to dance with no shoes on their feet. A people who are resolute with clear accountability of public money expenditure and what is deserving of them.

Our mother land must be great again, her crown “The giant of Africa” must be bestowed upon her head again. We must do this for her, we owe Nigeria. Do not dare walk away from her this time. Vote wisely and with passion. God bless.

X pj

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