A conversation with Loneliness. #SpecialEdition

Why have you come? I have noticed that you present yourself everywhere I go. When I am on the phone you listen to my every word, watching a movie you observe each gesture and on my bed, you lay quietly gazing at me. When in the shower, you are patently waiting to hand me a towel and even when I am with friends in a gathering, you take your seat majestically as though you are familiar with everyone on the table. Why are you so persistent and why wont you leave? Was there a time I called for you?

I come with the calm of the sea, that you may find yourself in lonely times like this. People tend to think that I have nothing to offer, that I bring sadness. Yet, under any circumstance, I come with the best gifts, if only you are willing to unwrap them with faith. When I make manifest, I stay in order for you to look inward, to reminisce about your past, where you have made mistakes and missed opportunities, so as  not repeat them again in the future, as time is very delicate to your destiny. I come that you may have another chance to make things right, if only you are willing to meditate into pulling the things that you desire from the universe and not directly from humans.

My time with you is better than bad company, but not a moment to make flimsy excuses in other to seek refuge in heavy drinking or misery. I can teach you to love yourself more than any desire in the world. I can show you the thin line between prosperity and failure and ways you can acquire or remain in wealth. I can give you peace and abundance of joy by showing you the road to contentment and humility and I can tell you the things no one would ever say to you, the truth which most people are unwilling to reveal. Also, I can coach you on how to play smart in a world doomed with death.

When I take charge of your life, your soul will only experience self love and endlessness, and will be prepared for the untouchable. When you embrace me, you will be able to perform wonders and calculate the forces that rule the earth. And whenever I show up again, you will welcome me with a feast and not with disturbing questions.

Allow me to teach you what I have learnt in my infinite existence, as I have lived to tell many untold stories and hold keys to many opened and locked doors. But first, you must want to know the “What” instead of the “Why”. Not until then, will I know that you have accepted me into the realm which only your subconscious has the key to. Until such time, I will stay in the corner, here, until you are ready to use me to your own advantage.

X pj

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