Why are women so insecure? A woman’s bad decision-making


Permit me to say that bad decision-making and insecurities amongst women is as old as time itself. The continual effort to desire the imaginary has led many women towards unhealthy and disgraceful resolutions, which majorly results to frustrations. With the bitterness, annoyance, discouragement and depression piling up everyday, her lack of confidence fattens, unbelievably shooting through the roof at its slightest. Unfortunately, many young and mature women are unable to learn how to accept themselves outside of the norm of what is being projected as ideal or most suitable.

Therefore, this inadequacy has resulted to high levels of insecurities and lack of self-satisfaction. This is not to say that some are not confident enough with strong minds, but in very minimal amounts I must say. The women who are not well assured have a hesistant approach to most of the issues placed before them. The lack of confidence is so overwhelming that it reeks as they pass by, even if they are clothed in the best attire money can buy.


We are aware that the society also puts a lot of pressure on women to have the perfect figure, skin, hair and colour. However, it is left for a woman to decide what route she should take for her own satisfaction, instead of succumbing to what is expected. Have you asked yourself what Kim Kardashian West represents before proceeding to look like her or are you walking similar paths as Hilary Clinton, if you ever decide to acquire public leadership roles in the future. These are questions you should ask yourself now, before making that decision. Insecurities breaths competition, lack of support, hatred, jealousy and betrayal, which tarnishes self-worth and surpasses women empowerment. Due to lack of confidence, women have overtime learned how to tear one another down and one up one another, as a result of inner-weakness. Hence, feeding off her self-doubt. It has become very rare that women uplift one another and back each other up these days.

The lack of self-satisfaction practised amongst women have given men the ability to lower a woman’s self-esteem for the purpose of their personal interest. Based on the fact that women are highly jealous and unhappy for their fellow women, it has prompted an average male gender to use the tactics of comparing women against one another by either boasting of a certain lady who looks better than they are or discussing their ideal woman to a new lady who needs no clarification nor justification.


Men now have the absolute capacity to drive ladies to the brink of insanity, since most women find validation in the sight of men. One cannot blame the oppressor for using demeaning behaviours, yet precious tactics for getting things done in his favour, especially when it comes to relationship security. Men express their preference for a woman’s body shape, body size, skin colour, hair colour, big butt, small butt, hair colour, race, thighs, breast size and so on, right in the face of a woman who looks nothing like that and yet the young lady says nothing, without a reply of her own preference.

A reservation which looks as though he is doing her a favour. When did she become mute and the topic undebatable? But when he stays out too late, she see’s a girl calling his phone, forgets to text her, when with another girl or commenting on his exes’ Instagram posts, all hell lets loose. A misplaced priority from the onset. If these hideous behaviours or numerous things that leave partners feeling insecure was not fuelled by women themselves, it would have since ran out of style. It is a learned behaviour that has worked over time, through experience, conditions and reaction from the people involved.


So therefore, why won’t women be placed as minority or swept under the carpet, when we are extremely disconnected. Why wont the female gender continue to perish without obtaining the honour she deserves, when her fellow woman holds the key to the jail cell which limits her kind. We must change this habitual menace between the members of the gentle sex and must stop pretending as though this threat does not exist. Women must learn to embrace their roots. Her tree must clearly stand tall, cutting down those insensible branches and burning off insecure shrubs. Carefully discerning and critically analysing the source of all decisions helps her avert shallow settlements, which will not be in her best interest.

Knowing you are supposed to grow a step at a time reliefs all mental stress and physical burden. Hence, shutting down any room for unhealthy competition. Whatever your dreams are, you must walk in that path, starting today. Your might dream to someday turn around to expose a newly acquired buttocks, but her dream is to become the president. Your dream might be to become a stripper, but her dream is to become a surgeon, saving lives and impacting the nation.


“There is absolutely nothing wrong in hoping differently, but the consequences of misleading oneself due to society pressure is a painful road when applied. You cannot expect to be a stripper today and then decide to run for office tomorrow, as the odds will be against you. You have only created more problems for your future ambitions. Therefore, behave now in a way which can defend your actions in ten years to come.”

Anyone can live a life of scandal or in the public eyes, but some people prefer to be quiet and called a fool, not because they are weak, but because they can see a future. They have already projected what their life is supposed to be in times to come. Hence, making sacrifices while working at it. The only obstacle between today and tomorrow is time. If only we could see what time has hidden away from us, many of the bad decisions taken today could have been averted. However, if time did not play such an expensive role in shielding and scheduling our tomorrow, life will not make any sense to humans. For the sake of tomorrow,  learn to have better judgements, as it would lead to more satisfactory decisions.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. X pj

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