Say NO!

With pain in your heart say NO
With a clear firm voice say NO
With tears flowing say NO
With eye contact say NO
With a finger say NO

Say No when you mean it!

You are not a push over to NO
You are not a victim of NO
You are not a slave to NO
You are not empty to NO
You are not less than NO!

NO, You are a fighter
NO, You are a dreamer
NO, You are a winner
NO, You are a hero

You are more!

Shout NO if you can
Spread NO if you can
Pick NO where you can
Release NO when you can
Give NO which you can
Do not keep NO inside

It is your right to say NO!

Oppressors are weak to NO
Bullies are lost to NO
Dictators are afraid of NO
Thieves are puppets to NO
Liars are faithful to NO
Enemies never forget a NO
Kings respect a NO!

NO! NO!! NO!!!

You can say NO!!!
Say NO to them
Say YES to yourself


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