Death; The many Personal Questions.

It is without doubt that death is no respecter of colour, tribe, religion, achievements or age. He mostly comes without prior notice, eating the soul of mortals, which then turns the flesh into the dust that it is. But death cannot wipe the faces we once knew, he cannot erase the beautiful pictures of their time here on earth with us, for they stay in our memories forever until we too journey into the unknown.


Are we sad about our losses because we do not know for a fact where they are? The fear of loosing them into condemnation, a cold reality that appears once we experience a lose of a loved one, or of one who we think does not deserve such ill fate at the time, as it reflects our very true final fate.

The Angel of Death

A man wakes in the morning, thankful for another day, but in a trice death knocks down his doors and kidnaps him into the dark, steal his dreams and never to see his loved ones again. In a mug which reads “best dad ever”, his tea is still warm for God’s sake! Death, why did you not give him the time to drink his coffee? What is the hurry? Is your ugly wife cheating on your cold heart? You also had to snatch his young daughter from her mother, the one who gifted him the mug for Christmas, the one who followed in his footsteps. You should be ashamed!

The world mourns Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, the Altobelli family and others who perished in the helicopter crash. I am angry that yet again the universe reminds me of the vanity I work so hard for everyday to still fail to keep, leave behind as I exit this borrowed life. It makes me question my existence yet again and why death snatches so abruptly, leaving excruciating pain in the hearts of those who truly have lost loved ones.

Kobe and Gigi Bryant

Somethings, death mutilate bodies for families to assemble and prepare for a funeral or cremation. I have heard you hold a scroll concerning the fate of mortals, but why take in the most inhumane manner. Why so cruel? Why have you not taken the stand of condemnation? You hide in the dark manifesting evil deeds, thinking of yourself as though a hero, a collector. You are a delusional thief! All you do is oppress the living.

Death is a tragedy, but is it truly a tragedy? Is there somewhere better than life on earth?. It has been written of in many languages and called many names. With all the beauty life has in store, are we truly certain that there is somewhere else that is better, which is why it comes so suddenly without prior notice or is death just plain wicked!

Can we not plan the methods of our inevitable fate? We should have a right to know when the race is over. There should be a reform of universal laws. Habitants, nature and others are constantly changing, these changes should also apply to ethereal laws, especially the methods of departure as it has become more worrisome father.


We have been told paradise awaits a believer, but are we sure we have been told the rights things to do to make it to paradise? Because I doubt the words that fall out of the lips of men, but I very much believe the voice in my head, which says to fight!!!

Heavenly Father, the feeling of pain and anger which death has brought yet again is enough to kick him in the mouth. I know he took your son Jesus too, which you permitted. Permit me with wings and a thunderous axe, and we will see who is boss.

Rest In Peace Legend.
Rest In Peace Kobe.
X pj

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