A student goes to school to toil all day. And learn how caterpillars coil all day. They don't use time to play. But they mingle with the academic God all day.
With sacrifices made heeding to the call of midnight. Academic zombies at dawn, some take it as a fight. As victims of highs and lows, God pls teach us how it goes.Mind pressure, peer pressure wondering what is wrong or right.
Bullies who do only folly. Girls and gang that admire folly.But God calls us to be Holy. Temptation comes and we follow them in their trolley.
Desires like fire Our urges gives us surges God please help us through high school and mind school. Help us admire what you desire.
Partying because of graduation. Finally we are free from education.When we work to get a family. We come out of our youth into sanity.


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