27 is a little bit more than half way gone
in his journey from 20’s
Just 3 more steps to 30
He is thirsty
He could have the world for a drink if he had a bartender
cos barriers need tending
Challenges are like oversized clothes
The need amending
If tailored, they secure more smiles than scars

27 knew what he wanted
But what he wanted something from him in return
To find x you must know y but not without the how
that was for 27 to figure out
He already figured out he was 27

The differentiation between purpose and mere existence
The functionality in the now
The relevance of today
The success that counts breathing within every second of the hour glass
The capacity building for tomorrow
27 must burrow, sow and grow unto effect
27 had questions
Buried deep down within the soil of his heart were the answers
27 needed more light
Even in our own space we can be out of power supply
It gets dark
But believe
Flowers bloom in dark places
27 understood, within a tree of problem is the seed of solution
27 is ready
He said to himself
I am ready.

They say am not a prime number
But this is my prime-time
I have been through a lot
I am a product of prime factors
An independent variable
My variability is now from glory to glory
The shaping of my factor tree consists of pyramids for my crown
My making was in the image of a King
Navigator of my own sea
My eyes travel beyond see-level
I walk by faith and not by sight
Mathematical scientist may say otherwise
But I dare to tell you
27 is a prime number.

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