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Never Mine

Getting into something special with my Shawty and there is this sinking feeling that its just my turn.If it is so then why didn't I let these feelings burn.I guess I was looking for something deeper and I found a love that could end, a painful condition.I'll make the little time I have with you…
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Cautionary Tales

At this moment my dear I have but only one wishWould you plant on my face but a simple kissFor I have fallen quite deep into your loveI was on my guard, but you made me lose my cautionary glove. If I give this kiss would you run awayIf I give this kiss would you…
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In Her Blu

With the use of poetry I like to share my emotionsTo give y'all a piece of my heart’s notionI tell of a girl, no sorry I mean my crushI want to handle my feeling slow and steadyI want to know when I am ready cause I don't want to rush. To be honest I talked…
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My Future

Life is a roller coaster, but its unpredictableI don't know how things will be, but let me predict what I’m ableSorry, there was a break in transmission, let me plug back the inspiration cableLet me tell a story while my foot's on a table. I have a passion for treating peopleI've had it since I…
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Enjoy the fuel

When you are discouraged, think of those words as fuel.Sometimes people say hurtful things and it will sound cruelFuel goes both ways, it could go bad and explodeOr it could feed your mind, and your confidence will carry a mighty load. When people discourage you, don't mind them, they are only adding to your fireThey…
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Imaginary Nonsense

I dream of a time where I have to stand up for myselfI also hustle so later I can be someone big and make a name for myselfSometimes I think it is a crime just being myselfCause no matter what I do there is still a problem with being myself. A futuristic pistol in my…
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In my Feelings

Today I write on a topic that is complex to the heartI am lost and sort of confused, I don't even know where to startI lose my self in your eyes, I think I like youFighting it seems hopeless, drowning in your oceanAnd I do not know what to do, what more than to fall,…
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